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The Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Is Sporting Nothing But an American Flag Speedo at Today’s Ravens Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)

One of the best parts of sports is the fact that mascots get to do whatever they want. Like the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot on Sunday. Jaxson de Ville is the name of the yellow, goofy mascot that calls TIAA Bank Field home. Against the Baltimore Ravens, the jaguar felt a little patriotic.

Maybe it has to do with the World Cup going on in Qatar. Maybe Jaxson de Ville just felt like it was hot today down in Florida. Whatever the reason for this, it is hilarious. Folks didn’t know what they were looking at for a while.

When the Ravens lined up for a field goal in the first quarter, it was clear as day. The NFL mascot was almost as naked as a jaybird.

Now, I’m not going to say that this is what led to Justin Tucker missing that 67-yard field goal, but I’m not saying it ISN’T the reason. Mascot shenanigans are great. The Jacksonville Jaguars seem like they know how to have fun and put on a show. But, the yellow, naked jaguar is a little unsettling.

The entire look is very reminiscent of Will Ferrell’s character on SNL wearing his patriotic “short shorts” for the USA. A little patriotism goes a long way. Putting on a red, white, and blue speedo is a little bit next level, but what do you expect from an NFL mascot?

Good news for the Jaguars, the speedo was good luck. They won the game 28-27 over the Ravens.

Is the Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Working Concessions?

You know, seeing this today reminds me that TIAA Bank Field was hit with over 100 health code violations in their concessions recently. There were out-of-date licenses, general cleanliness, and even two dead rodents found during the inspections.

According to the stadium and concessions provider, these issues were resolved virtually instantly. However, it made me think – did they let Jaxson de Ville work those concessions? You know, it would make a lot of sense why there were so many violations throughout the stadium. It would also explain the rodents…

All jokes aside, large stadiums get hit with violations like this. When there is a lull in events, animals get in, things get dirty, and things expire. Still, not a great look for Jacksonville to have these problems in the middle of the season.