The Marty Smith Podcast: Ric Flair Reveals His Top 3 Favorite Wrestling Opponents of All-Time

by Jonathan Howard

You know we do things big here at Outsider. This week, The Marty Smith Podcast was doing some wheelin’ and dealin’ with Nature Boy Ric Flair. It doesn’t get any bigger than a 16-time world champion. He’s one of the greatest among the greats and he took the time to sit down and talk with Marty, Wes, and the crew.

When you talk to great athletes, it’s nice to get their perspective on what is a great athlete. The ones that challenged them or even humbled them in competition. One of the best to ever suit up in the squared circle is Dusty Rhodes. Not only did he pioneer entire movements in professional wrestling, but he also started a family dynasty as well.

The Three Greatest Not Named Ric Flair

When talking about the top competitors that Ric Flair himself went up against, the Nature Boy knew the three names he had in mind.

“There were three,” Flair said without much thought. “Dusty’s probably number one and two would be Steamboat, three would be Sting. I wrestled Dusty for 20 years. And 20 years of being sold out. I don’t remember us ever going to a venue that wasn’t sold out. Which is saying a lot even at $5 ringside tickets back then it was sold out. And to see his son doing so well, now Cody’s come a long way.”

The Rhodes family, with Dustin and Cody now carrying the torch, has been so important to the fabric of WWE and beyond. Ric Flair went on during The Marty Smith Podcast, detailing a moment from Dusty’s funeral.

“Greatest line I ever heard in my life was at Dusty’s funeral. Cody was talking on behalf of the family and Cody said, he asked his mom one day, ‘Why don’t you have any other wrestling pictures around the house?’ She said to Cody, ‘When you’re married to Elvis Presley who else’s picture would you have?'”

When you’re married to The American Dream, what else do you need?

The Marty Smith Podcast with Ric Flair

When you get legends to come on and talk, then you get legendary interviews. The Marty Smith Podcast brings some heavy hitters to the table when it comes to guests. But the Heavyweight Champion took that to a whole new level. Throughout the time he was on the show, the guys talked to the wrestling Hall of Famer about his career, his thoughts going into his final match ever – and more.

This is not an episode that you want to miss. Make sure you check this out. If you want to watch the rest of Ric Flair’s appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast, check it out here. This is a wild time in WWE history and hearing from the Nature Boy puts it all into perspective.