The Masters Food Menu Hit by ‘Supply Chain Issues’: No Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches, Beer Prices Shoot Up

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

It’s Masters week, folks. As exciting as it is to have a weekend in Augusta that feels normal again, some things will not be completely back to normal. Indeed, one of those things is that not even The Masters is shielded from the supply-chain issues that have hit so many industries hard over the last year. However, you might not guess how those issues will affect things in Augusta as food shortages hit The Masters.

Everything You Need to Know:

  • The Masters’ Food Menu affected by supply-chain issues
  • Beer prices are up across the board
  • Georgia peach ice cream sandwiches are taking the year off

Food Shortages Hit The Masters

Yes, James Colgan of reports that “some significant Masters food news, per the Amen Corner concessions: Due to “supply-chain issues,” there will be NO Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches on sale at Augusta National.” That’s a rough blow for fans who love that unique ice cream sandwich that you can only get at Augusta National.

That’s not all, though, he also tweeted, “Some other Masters food updates: Cold cut sandwiches (ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, club, chix salad) are now $3, up from $2.50 a year ago. All beer is now $5 (previously ‘domestic beer’ was $4, while ‘imported beer’ and the Masters’ ‘Crow’s Nest’ brew were $5).”

The last part is also going to be rough on some folks. It’s already a pricey thing to head to The Masters, now it is only going to get pricier. Any domestic beer goes up a $1.

Is Tiger Going to Compete?

Well, we do not know for sure, yet. What we do know is that The Masters released an incredible hype video of Tiger Woods practicing over the weekend at Augusta National. That’s right, Woods is seen in the video working his way through a practice course and he was all smiles. It’s what you want to see if you’re a fan of Tiger.

Still, we do not know for certain if Tiger Woods will compete this week at Augusta National. It’s still very much up in the air at the moment. He said it would be a “game-time decision” going forward. However, he certainly looked good in the new video hyping his comeback at The Masters.

Woods has not competed in a major since his injuries from the car wreck in February of 2021. Only time will tell if he returns this week and how the food shortages will hit The Masters.