The Masters: Hot Mics Catch Tiger Woods Yelling ‘F*** Off’ at His Golf Ball

by Caitlin Berard

For recreational golfers, an afternoon on the course is a way to escape from the stresses of the day with a beloved sport, relax and unwind. For professional golfers like Tiger Woods, however, the golf course can be (and often is) a high-stress environment. And, like any professional athlete, every now and then a golfer will experience such a high level of frustration that they air a little out without thinking about what they’re doing.

At this year’s Masters tournament, Tiger Woods returned to the course – and hasn’t lost an ounce of the zest we know and love. On the ninth hole at Augusta, a hot mic caught Tiger Woods cursing as he attempted to send his ball from a bed of pine straw all the way onto the green.

As the ball soared through the air, it appeared to be a good shot. However, it then caught a slope and rolled back to the fairway rather than staying put on the green. Clear as day, you can hear Woods yell, “Ah, f–k off!” as the ball veers in an unwanted direction. Luckily, Tiger Woods is a masterful golfer (no pun intended), and was able to save par on the hole.

Fans React to Tigers Woods’ Return to The Masters and Hot Mic Incident

Was Tiger Woods’ small verbal explosion slightly inappropriate? Sure. However, it was a welcome sound for fans of the five-time Masters champion, as they weren’t sure how the golf icon would look on the course after the devastating car accident last year.

After two years away from the tournament and more than his fair share of personal turmoil, seeing Tiger Woods curse at the small dimpled ball assured fans that their favorite golfer still has a fire for the sport. One fan said, “Vintage Tiger right there”. Another wrote, “Ticked off Tiger is the best Tiger!”

And, of course, there’s no shortage of GIFs and memes in response to Woods’ inappropriate language. Along with many “ONE OF US!” Wolf of Wall Street GIFs, fans responded with a variety of “He’s back” and “F–k off” screenshots and clips.

Many fans also expressed amusement that Tiger Woods’ frustration on the Masters course mirrored their own experience with golf. One fan wrote, “First time I’ve ever been able to relate to anything Tiger does/says on the course.” Another said, “This is where my game and Tiger’s are the same.”