The Masters: Tiger Woods Makes 22nd Consecutive Cut After Second Round at Augusta National

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Golf legend Tiger Woods made his 22nd consecutive Masters cut after the second round at the Augusta National.

According to CNN, Tigers Woods, who is notably a five-time Masters champion, overcame a poor start to the latest round. Woods managed to card a two-over 74 to finish at one over for the tournament so far. This ensures that he’ll be playing this weekend. 

Although he’s advancing in Augusta, Tiger Wood has let his temper flare. On Thursday (April 7th), the professional golfer was heard yelling, “Ah, F— off!” as his golf ball veered in an unwanted direction. However, Woods managed to save par at the hole. He ended up capping off on Thursday with a one-under 71. 

Tiger Woods is returning to golf just a little over a year after he was involved in a serious rollover car accident in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The February 2021 accident was a single-vehicle collision. Woods was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Following an investigation, it was revealed that Woods’ Genesis GV80 SUV was traveling more than 80 mph, which is near twice the road’s speed limit. Despite his injuries, Tiger Woods was able to train and get back to golfing. 

Tiger Woods Says He’s Lucky to Have the Opportunity to Play in the Masters 

Following the first round of the Masters at Augusta National, Tiger Woods opened up to Golf Digest’s Dan Rapaport about making his return to the professional golfing world and being able to participate in the 2022 Masters. 

“I’m going to be sore, yes,” Tiger Woods admitted. “That’s just the way it is. But the training cycles that we’ve had to make sure that I have the stamina to keep going—and this is only one round. We’ve got three more to go. There’s a long way to go and a lot of shots to be played.”

Tiger Woods also said that he’s lucky to have the opportunity to be able to play at the Masters this year. He spoke about how he played in the first round. “To finish in the red today after as long a layoff as I’ve had and not being in competitive golf—I don’t really consider a scramble in the PNC, it is competitive, but it’s not like this—this is totally different.”

Tiger Woods further stated, “But to play this golf course and to do what I did today, to make—to hit the shots in the right spots—I know where to hit it to a lot of these pins, and I miss in the correct spots and give myself good angles.”

The golfing legend went on to reflect on advice his father previously gave him. “I went back to what my dad always said. ‘Did you accomplish your task in the warm up? It’s a warm up. Did you warm up? Yes, I did. Now go play.’ That’s exactly what I did. I went and I played.”