‘The Office’ Star Brian Baumgartner Dumps Pot of Chili on Georgia Fan During ‘SEC Nation’: WATCH

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Beloved actor Brian Baumgartner is best known for his role as Kevin Malone on the hit sitcom and mockumentary, The Office. However, his personal interests expand far beyond the world of acting. A Georgia native, Baumgartner is also a massive Dawgs fan and chili enthusiast – he’s even written a book on the subject.

The book, entitled Seriously Good Chili Cookbook, is a love letter to Brian’s “all-time favorite food on- and off-screen – chili.” It includes 50 championship-winning chili recipes and is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

So, when The Office star was invited to SEC Nation to give a Gatorade bath to one lucky fan for a pair of SEC Championship tickets, he immediately had a better idea.

“They asked if I wanted to do a Gatorade bath for two SEC Championship tickets,” Baumgartner explained to the crowd on SEC Nation. “And I thought you needed to work a little bit more. So today, we’ve got some chili. We’re gonna chili bath them.”

“At first, I thought I wanted to get the Gator,” Baumgartner explained, indicating the contestant decked out in Florida gear. “Because I wanted to put the gator chili on the Gator.”

“But then I thought, Florida’s not going to the SEC Championship game. So let’s give ’em here!” he announced, dumping the massive pot of chili over the Georgia superfan’s head.

Though he might smell like beef and beans for the next few days, Brian Baumgartner couldn’t resist bestowing the honor on his fellow Bulldog. And the fan didn’t seem to mind. He simply threw his arms in the air with a grin, accepting the oversized ticket with pride.

Brian Baumgartner Sends Congratulatory Cameo to UGA Athletic Director

Early last year, Josh Brooks was named the University of Georgia’s Director of Athletics, replacing Greg McGarity, who held the title for a full decade before retiring. The appointment was a dream come true for Brooks, who gave a heartfelt speech in a press conference ahead of the decision.

“I love this university, I love working for President (Jere) Morehead,” he explained. “I love the people in this athletic department and on campus. My family loves it here. My kids were born here in Georgia. They identify as Georgia natives, and we love it here.”

When the exciting news finally broke, self-proclaimed Georgia alum (though he never attended UGA) Brian Baumgartner was there to usher in the new era with a congratulatory Cameo video. Josh Brooks got such a kick out of the message that he shared it on his own social media.

Hilariously, the Cameo was ordered by UGA’s assistant video coordinator, Clark Williams. “I don’t know if you know this, Josh, but I am your most prestigious alumnus,” Brian Baumgartner said. “But I didn’t go there. That sounds weird. What does that mean?”

“Well, I spent more time on that campus when I was a kid than most of the students who actually went there,” he explained. “I’m just saying, Josh. You know what I’m saying.”

A comedian at heart, Brian Baumgartner then went into a Godfather impression. Baumgartner jokingly reminded the AD that he might owe him a favor in the future for his Cameo appearance. “I’m a big Bulldogs fan, truly,” he added.