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These ‘College GameDay’ Signs Bashing Kentucky Are Elite Level Trolling

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It wouldn’t be College GameDay without some epic signs from the host team. This week, the No. 1 Georgia Dawgs host the No. 11 Kentucky Wildcats in Athens.

And earlier, the University of Georgia fans did not disappoint, pulling out some truly spectacular signs for the event. No one trash talks better than Georgia, and we’ve cataloged all their best roasts.

Several College GameDay signs followed a similar theme, calling out Kentucky for being more of a basketball school than a football school.

“People in blue will be saying they’re a basketball school around 7:30,” one sign read. The official College GameDay Twitter account posted a pic of the sign along with the caption, “They’ll always have basketball.”

Another sign later followed up with, “UK fans just asked why the RB [running back] isn’t dribbling.” Yikes, that was oddly specific. Even the College GameDay Twitter account just posted a shrugging face to show they’re as clueless as the rest of us why that sign both is both puzzling and trolling at the same time.

One of the better basketball burns was simple and straight to the point. “Kentucky has a football team?” one sign read. Surprisingly, College GameDay responded in favor of the Wildcats with this sign, commenting, “And they happen to be undefeated.”

It’s true. Georgia and Kentucky happen to be one of the few teams in the Top 25 who boasts a 6-0 record. Today promises to be an epic match-up, with one team going home with a broken win streak. Even powerhouse Alabama lost last weekend to unranked Texas A&M in an unbelievable game.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Georgia is #1, Bama where are you?” one adorable fan called out with her sign. Georgia started out the season lower in the rankings than Alabama, but they’ve now climbed their way to the top while Bama sits at No. 5.

College GameDay Signs Call Out ‘Cat People’ in Ruthless Fashion

No one is safe from the Georgia fans’ College GameDay signs. Not even cat people, who got hopelessly trolled by this one sign earlier that took advantage of the recent red flags meme.

“When they’re a cat person,” the fan wrote, followed by several red flags. The only thing to make the sign even more hilarious is the College GameDay Twitter account’s caption for it. “A cat person sent this tweet,” it reads, followed by a tearing up face emoji.

Ouch. I mean, granted, it is the Dawgs vs. the Wildcats. They’ve gotta put a reference to the animal rivalry in their signs at some point.