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This Eagles Fan Just Laid Down on the Field in the Middle of the Game: VIDEO

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to a rough start in the 2021 National Football League season and fans are feeling it too.

A quarter of the way through the 2021 season, the Eagles are 1-3 on the year and are just not very good. After a big season-opening win against the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia has now lost three straight games. They have lost to division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, in a blowout win for Dallas. They lost a tightly contested matchup against the San Francisco 49ers that could have gone either way. Last week, they lost to the defending AFC Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, in a high-scoring affair with little defense. Today (Sunday) the Eagles are traveling to Carolina to take on the Panthers in an NFC matchup.

Known for having an extremely passionate fan base, the Philadelphia Eagles brought some of those fans to Carolina. Frustrated with how their team is doing so far this season, one Philadelphia Eagle fan sprang into action during today’s game. The fan charged the field, made it past security, and took a seat at the 35-yard line. Why this man chose to act in this way is anyone’s guess but I suppose it is the effort is what counts. Take a look at this wild scene from earlier today in the Eagles vs. Panthers matchup.

Obviously, this type of fan behavior is discouraged by the NFL. The shirtless man is wearing an Eagles hat, jeans and not much else. He rushes the field, finds a comfy place to sit and takes a load off. He appears to be pointing at a Panthers player.

Eagles Fan Takes a Seat in Front of Carolina Panthers Sideline

We can’t be sure why this probably intoxicated man chose to sit where he did. It almost looks as if he is trying to taunt the Carolina players by pointing at them and screaming something. Two security officers arrive on the field to escort the man away from the field and into the back of their waiting squad car. The Eagles fan will likely get a little time to sober up before being released back into society.

It isn’t the first time a crazy fan has ran onto the field in an NFL game and it certainly won’t be the last. Field rushers can sometimes get the crowd more involved in an uneventful game by giving them something to cheer for. You can tell from the video that the crowd gets louder as the Eagles fan gets onto the field. They also cheer loudly when he is escorted off the field.

One thing is for sure — at least the fan was wearing pants.