Thursday Night Football: Colts Fans Furious After Ref Slams Into DB on Deep Broncos Completion

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Now, the Broncos and Colts game is not going great. In fact, there are a lot of problems with the NFL Thursday Night Football action. For starters, it’s just been a bad game. It started with a scary injury to Nyheim Hines and just got worse from there. No offense, bad defense, and even some ref interference.

For all of the frustration that this game has caused fans at home, the Colts faithful were fuming after one play. Denver hasn’t been able to hit their deep threats much tonight. However, the third quarter showed they might have some life left in them after all.

The only issue, the ref collides with the defensive back and blows up the play for the defense.

This play looked like it would swing the game around, but it wouldn’t. Soon after this, the Colts’ defense holds strong and forces the fourth down. A field goal instead of a touchdown in this game is massive. The battle of kickers continues.

Fans Furious After Ref Blows Play on Thursday Night Football

After this play, Colts fans were not happy, and that’s being nice about it. While the ref is basically a part of the field when plays like this happen, it doesn’t make it suck any less for your team. The good news is that nothing major came of this and the game kept going on at its slow pace.

Other fans just decided to find all of the joy they could out of this game and situation. It really is wild how this one has turned out. Field goals and turnovers and an old quarterback and a ref interference play. That’s just part of what’s gone wrong.

The ref took a big hit on this one. He was just a little too quick for his own good. After all, he was keeping up with the receivers and defensive backs. That’s moving! Unfortunately, that also means he hit the ground at a good speed, too.

If you make it to the end of this game with your sanity in check, then kudos to you. This is a dud of a primetime game and I’m not sure what to really think of it. Let’s hope for some good games this weekend to clear our heads.