Thursday Night Football: NFL Fans Call for Matt Ryan to Retire During Brutal Colts-Broncos Game

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images)

T’s and P’s to every NFL fan who decided to whip up their favorite dish and sit on the couch to watch “Thursday Night Football.” Even more T’s and P’s to Indianapolis Colts fans, who are struggling having to watch Matt Ryan play quarterback in his age-37 season.

Ryan’s play arguably hit a new low during the first half of the Thursday night tilt against the Denver Broncos. The “riveting” 6-3 game at halftime has featured — or should I say, has not featured — any sort of offense. Ryan’s halftime stat line was as follows: 12-of-19, 140 yards, one interception and four sacks. On Indianapolis’ final drive of the half, Ryan had his team in the red zone.

Until he didn’t.

Two sacks where Ryan was sent running for the hills later and it was 3rd and 38. Yes, 3rd and 38. Fans watching at home are not inspired by Ryan’s performance, with some even calling for him to hang ’em up.

Others were quick to ask for head coach Frank Reich to pull Matt Ryan and put in backup Sam Ehlinger. Ehlinger is inactive against Denver, meaning that would have to hold off at least another week.

“It’s time for the Sam Ehlinger show,” one Twitter user wrote. “At least see if he has it or not. Plus he is mobile. If he doesn’t haven’t, keep giving out the participation trophies like Frank does and we can keep losing for Bryce. Absolute mess.”

NFL Fans Can’t Believe the Staggering Amount Amazon Paid for ‘Thursday Night Football’

One thing to keep in mind tonight as the Broncos and Colts NFL game drags on in a kicker battle, Amazon paid a whole lotta money for “Thursday Night Football.” Like, billions. In the deal, the streaming giant was able to pull off an 11-year agreement worth $13 billion.

So, this snoozer you’re watching right now? Amazon is paying $78 million to broadcast it. Now digest that.