Thursday Night Football: NFL Fans Weigh In on Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s Pregame Outfit

by Suzanne Halliburton
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

NFL quarterbacks are turning their pregame walks to the locker room into a fashion show. Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengal QB, is one-upping the competition.

His Bengals play host to the Miami Dolphins tonight on Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football. So we give you Joe Burrow and his black and white floral suit, with video courtesy of the Cincinnati social media team.

“QB1 has arrived.” (Yes, yes he has.)

Joe Burrow allowed the stadium parking garage to be his cat walk as he did the QB strut to the locker room. Here’s another shot. Or as the Bengals called it “Primetime for number 9.”

Fans Didn’t Know What to Think About Joe Burrow and His Suit

So how did fans react to Joe Burrow and The Suit. You guessed it. The reaction was mixed.

“You have to back that up,” one fan wrote. (Betcha Joey B knows that). Another wrote: “Yep bengals by a million.” Or, “I’m his biggest simp.”

Still another fan asked “did you dress yourself?”

Of course, nobody cares about the pre-game suit once the game starts. And face it, we’re all excited to see Burrow face off against Miami Dolphin QB Tua Tagovailoa. The last time the two squared off was in 2019, when Burrow’s LSU squad played Tagovailoa’s Alabama Crimson Tide. Burrow lit up the Tide defense for 393 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Tigers to the 46-41 win. Meanwhile, Tua threw for 418 yards, with four TDs and one interception. LSU broke its eight-game losing streak to Bama on the Tigers way to a national title.

In 2020, the Bengals selected Joe Burrow with the first pick of the NFL draft. The Dolphins selected Tagovailoa at No. 5. Burrow very nearly led the Bengals to a Super Bowl win earlier this year. It took a late Los Angeles Rams rally to win the game. Tagovailoa hasn’t reached that level, as yet. But he’s second in the league in passing and third in touchdowns.