Tiger Woods Car Crash: New Details Surface About Cause of Accident

by Matthew Wilson

Tiger Woods made the headlines in February when the pro golfer was in a single-vehicle car crash. Now new details may be surfacing about what exactly caused that wreck.

Reportedly, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department plans to share the results of their investigation sometime on Wednesday (April 7). According to TMZ, the news comes in contrast to what the Sheriff’s Department reported last week. The office said they wouldn’t release the results due to privacy laws. But apparently, something has changed.

According to the outlet, the Sheriff’s Department has a probable cause of the accident – speeding. They believe Woods was speeding in his SUV when he crashed. For instance, the SUV’s black box reportedly registered an increase in speed before the crash. Additionally, the black box showed a spike in speed at the time of the crash as well.

Tiger Woods: His Injuries From the Crash

The Sheriff’s Department doesn’t plan to file any charges against Tiger Woods.

But the Sheriff’s Department is unsure if Woods was conscious prior to wrecking the vehicle or not. Previously, they reported that there was no clear indication Woods was driving the influence. But the department also didn’t get a warrant to test the golfer’s blood.

According to the department, they didn’t have probable cause for a blood draw or to obtain cellphone records to determine if Woods had been on the phone prior to the crash. TMZ reported that authorities often check cell phone records during motor collision investigations.

Woods apparently doesn’t remember what caused the crash. The pro golfer injured his head, hitting hit between three to four times during the wreck. But his legs were what made all of the major news publications. The pro golfer experienced significant injuries to his right leg that required major surgery.

Woods’ SUV crashed in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on February 23. The pro golfer was the only person involved in the single-car crash. Woods is now out of the hospital and on the mend at his home. He’s kept a relatively low profile since the crash. But the golfer is reportedly upset that he won’t be able to attend this year’s The Masters tournament due to his injury.

Woods last won the tournament in 2019 in a show of triumph that had most of the golf world cheering. It was part of Woods’ comeback after several personal scandals rocked the golfer’s career. It remains to be seen when Woods might get back out on the golf course.