Tiger Woods Car Crash: Police Announce He Will Not Receive Citation for Incident

by Will Shepard

Tiger Woods had a massive car crash on February 23 that immediately sent him to the hospital. However, months after the incident, the public still didn’t know the cause.

Recently, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told the media that authorities had finished their investigation. He added, though, that he would not release the details of the crash until speaking with Tiger Woods’ camp. The Sheriff also was adamant that the superstar golfer was not going to be charged with anything.

On Wednesday, April 7, Lomita Captain James Powers gave the media the true cause of the accident. He said that Tiger Woods was doing over 40 miles per hour faster than the speed limit.

They also are under the impression that he hit the accelerator rather than the brake. Yet again, in this interaction with the media, the Police department was insistent that no citations will be issued.

Tiger Woods Will Not Get a Citation for His Car Accident Back in February

Lomita Captain James Powers and L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva gave the press conference today. Powers explains that they will press no charges because there were no witnesses to the crash.

“You can do it, but it would be kind of, I don’t want to say a waste of time, but a lot of the courts would dismiss it because it wasn’t observed by a police officer.”

That is when Villanueva chimed in with his take on the matter. He kept his words relatively brief but makes it clear that Tiger Woods is not getting preferential treatment.

“The decision not to issue a citation would be the same thing for anyone in this room for anyone who went through this same situation — a solo traffic collision. There’s no witness. It’s an infraction only, and we’re not going to issue a citation on an infraction not committed in a peace officer’s presence or an independent witness, period. That would apply to everybody.”    

The L.A. Sheriff was then asked about whether or not a data recorder could be used to issue him a ticket. But, he reassures the media that not having a witness means there is no way to charge him. He also states again that Tiger Woods is not getting any kind of star treatment.

“For the record, under Sec. 20012 of the California vehicle code, the details of this report would remain confidential except for the involved parties. This is true of the thousands of reports like this type we prepare every year throughout LA County. And no one’s asking for those reports. And so this is treated no differently.”

Hopefully, Tiger Woods can make a full recovery and return to golf. But, as of now, his recovery will be need to taken slowly.