Tiger Woods Continues Recovery After Serious Car Accident, Seen Putting Weight on Injured Leg

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Golf legend Tiger Woods still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but the good news is that he’s progressing well since the car accident. Just yesterday, GOLF.com posted several photos of Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, out and about. While Woods is still wearing a protective sleeve and uses crutches, he seemed to be putting weight on his injured leg. Previously, in May, Woods had on a more structured brace. This gives fans some hope that the star will be able to return to the green sooner than they originally thought.

Back in February, Woods was driving along a  Rancho Palos Verdes road when he had crossed the median and two lanes of traffic before hitting a tree and rolling several times. The resulting photos of Woods’ Genesis SUV demonstrated just how lucky he was to be alive. The front end of the vehicle was completely destroyed, no doubt from hitting the tree head-on.

Thankfully, the golf star’s vehicle deployed its airbags, ultimately saving Tiger Woods’ life. However, he did sustain numerous significant injuries. Among his injuries were a couple of bruised ribs, a lacerated jaw and an open fracture on his right leg below the knee. Later medical evaluation revealed that the sports star also had injuries to his ankle and foot. Needless to say, fans and loved ones of the golf legend were just happy he was alive.

Chances of Tiger Woods’ Return to Golf Seem High

Now that he’s begun to recover, though, golf fanatics have begun to open the conversation regarding Tiger Woods’ career in the sport. Of course, the overall sentiment is that the GOAT has a speedy recovery. From looking at his history with past injuries, there’s a good chance he’ll be holding a club instead of a crutch in no time (knock on Woods).

In 2002, when Tiger Woods was only 26 years old, he had a cyst removed from his left knee and had fluids drained from his ligaments. Not long after the procedure, Woods competed in and won Buick Invitational in 2003. Similarly, three years later, Woods suffered a shoulder injury during one of his best years after securing eight PGA Tour wins. Even with his injury, the golf legend didn’t let up. He continued to compete in the World Golf Championships-American Express and won with a total of 23 under.

Woods continued this pattern of pushing through pain and injuries even through a torn ACL, arthroscopic knee, Achilles tendon sprain and more. However, with a rod in his tibia and a combination of screws and pins in his ankle and foot, this is one recovery that Woods can’t afford to expedite. While we’d love to see him back on the green, it’s more important that he takes the time to heal physically and mentally from the accident.

The next big step for Woods will be the one he takes without the help of his crutches.