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Tiger Woods is ‘Doing Better’ According to Fellow Golfer and Friend Rory McIlroy

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Rory McIlroy said that his friend and fellow professional golfer Tiger Woods could return home from the hospital in “the next week or so.”

Tiger Woods was hospitalized after a car crash last month. He suffered serious leg injuries after his SUV crossed a median, went through two lanes of road, and then hit a tree and rolled into the brush. Woods’s injuries include fractures to his tibia and fibula. Doctors inserted a rod for the fractures. He also injured the bones in his foot and ankle. Doctors stabilized the bones with screws and pins. During an interview, Rory McIlroy said that he spoke to Tiger Woods and updated fans on his return home.

“I’ve spoken to him a little bit,” said McIlroy. “He’s doing better. I think all the guys have reached out to him and hopefully, if things go well over the next week or so he might be able to get home and start recovery at home, which would be great for him, so, see his kids, see his family. He’s doing better and just I think all of us are wishing him a speedy recovery at this point.”

Was Tiger Woods Conscious During The Car Crash?

According to a Los Angeles County affidavit for a search warrant of the vehicle’s black box, Tiger Woods told sheriff’s deputies that he did not remember driving or how the accident occurred. The affidavit says that Woods, while driving near Los Angeles, hit a “Welcome to Rolling Hills Estates” sign, crossed the center divider, moved over 150 feet across the road, and hit an uprooted tree before coming to a stop.

The report says that Woods regained consciousness before the deputies arrived at the scene. Woods remained in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and told the deputies that he did not remember driving the car or the accident.

“The deputies asked him how the collision occurred. Driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving,” read the affidavit. “Driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred. He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving.”

The report also said that a witness confirmed that Tiger Woods was unconscious immediately following the accident. According to the report, the witness said that Wood was “unconscious and not responding to his questions.”

The first responder interviews cited by the affidavit said that there wasn’t any evidence that Woods was impaired by drugs or alcohol.