Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress Breaks Silence on Details of Their Affair

by Chris Haney

It’s been more than 10 years since legendary golfer Tiger Woods’ infidelity scandal made headlines, but his mistress, Rachel Uchitel, is finally breaking her silence and giving her first-ever interview on their relationship.

Uchitel, 45, is best known as one of Woods’ multiple mistresses that led to his wife, Elin Nordegren, filing for divorce. The scandal rocked the golfing world in 2009, and unveiled a hidden side to Woods’ life that went under the radar for years.

Now, in an upcoming two-part documentary airing on HBO called Tiger, Uchitel has chosen to tell her side of the story. The Daily Mail reported on some of the revelations that the former nightclub hostess reveals on camera.

Uchitel explains that the pair first met at a nightclub in New York City. She says that’s where Woods asked for her number, and that he immediately texted her within minutes.

“He said something like ‘when can I see you again?’ It was intimidating. This was Tiger Woods,” Uchitel said, according to the Daily News. “I knew he was married, I knew he had responsibilities. But, he said I want you to fly to Orlando, then I will come see you there.”

She said she went to Orlando, and that’s when their sexual affair began. Supposedly, Woods would call their future secret meetings “plugging in.” In addition, he said that he would feel “recharged” after their visits.

Yet, the pair had a deeper relationship than some may think. Uchitel remembers talking to Woods for hours about his personal life and relationships. She recalls conversations about his father, Earl Woods, and the impact he had on the 15-time major tournament winner.

Tiger Woods Ate Cereal, Watched Cartoons Around Uchitel

During the documentary, Uchitel speaks about how comfortable Tiger Woods became around her. She says the two loved spending time with one another. His mistress says she saw a side of Woods that most didn’t and couldn’t see since he was scared to show his true self.

“He was sick of trying to hide who he was but he was so scared of the real Tiger. Not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is,” Uchitel explained.

She says Woods could be himself around her, and that he wanted to talk all the time. According to Uchitel, Woods told her that his wife never asked him questions, especially about his past. In contrast, Uchitel loved talking to Woods and asking him questions, which brought the pair closer together.

Uchitel experienced a different side of Woods. Their conversations included “a lot about his childhood” and his father. She remembers him eating cereal and watching cartoons while winding down around her. Woods comfort around Uchitel led to strong feelings, and in the HBO special she recalls one particular text from the golfer. Uchitel said it read, “You were the only one I ever loved.”

Woods’ mistress says she has nothing to lose now by speaking out. Additionally, she claims to have regrets over her extramarital affair with the golfer.

“I regret that he was married and I regret the mistakes that I made. But people came at me like they wanted to blame me for the fact a married man cheated on his wife. Like I was the only one responsible for his actions,” she says in the HBO special.

On Jan. 10, the first half of Tiger premieres on HBO. The second half will air one week later on Jan. 17.