Tiger Woods: ‘I Feel Like I Can Win, I Just Gotta Go Out There and Do It’

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Tiger Woods had a long media session today after a practice round in preparation for the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club. Woods spoke about his physical condition leading up to The Masters and during the tournament, as well as his workouts over the past month to prepare for this week in Tulsa.

Here’s some of the primary questions Woods was asked – and answered – during his media availability.

Do you think you can win this tournament?

“I feel like I can, definitely. I just gotta go out there and do it. It starts on Thursday and I’ll be ready.”

How are your body and your mind?

“Better than the last time I played a tournament, which is good. We’ve been working hard. I’ve had days where it’s been tough and days where we could push through, but we’ve kept working at it.”

Did you have a post-Masters lull?

“Monday [after The Masters] was not fun. It hurt. Ice baths and trying to get the swelling out of there. But then we got after it with a leg day on Tuesday and we’ve been going from there. The first mountain I climbed was Everest; [Augusta National] is the steepest golf course you could play. I still have tough days and things aren’t gonna be as easy as people might think, but I feel like I’m doing better.”

What did you learn about your body?

“It hurt but I pushed through it. It was more mind than body. I’ve won with a broken leg before, so I just gotta keep going out there and keep pushing. I knew how to play the golf course. If I could just putt well, you never know. Unfortunately, Saturday I think had like 15 three-putts. The thing that I was frustrated with was that it deteriorated as the week went on, I got more and more tired and fatigued. I didn’t endurance that I wanted. I shouldn’t have expected it because I hadn’t earned it at that point, but we’ve been able to put in more work and it’s only gonna get better as time goes on.”

How have you built up endurance?

“My team did just an amazing job to get me to the point where I could play The Masters, and I was able to have that opportunity to play. Right after each round I got back to the house and they had an ice bath ready for me, then get on the treatment table and keep things going. It was tough, it was hard on all of us. I’ve gotten stronger since then, but it’s still gonna be sore. I can hit golf balls, but walking is a challenge, and it’s gonna be that way for the foreseeable future.”

How much strength can you build?

“I don’t know how good I’m gonna get. There’s a lot of hardware in [my legs], so there’s gonna be limitations to what I’m gonna be able to do. I’m gonna get stronger – I don’t know how much that is or how much range of motion I’ll ever get back. But sure is a hell of a lot better than it was 12 months ago.”

How much of an accomplishment was it to just finish all four rounds at The Masters?

“Everyone around me was very happy and ecstatic that I got through 72 holes. I didn’t see it that way on Monday, I was a little ticked that I didn’t putt well; I was hitting it went enough and I wish I had the stamina. It was like typical golfer, thinking about the ‘what if’s?’ But taking a step back and looking at the big picture of it, it was an accomplishment. But that other side of me that says if I would have done things differently, I would have challenged for that thing. And I know that golf course. And maybe next year will be different.”

If you’d like to view the full press conference from Woods, you can watch it below.