Tiger Woods Is All Smiles During Augusta Practice Round

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods completed a practice round at Augusta over the weekend. The Masters’ official Twitter account went viral Sunday evening, as the account posted an incredible video of Woods being full of smiles and joy as he made his way through a practice round at Augusta National. In the video, we see Woods walking the course, hitting multiple balls, even walking up hilly portions of the course that folks were worried about for him due to his injuries.

Fans loved the video. One fan wrote, “The production value on this video, especially given the short turnaround, is absolutely phenomenal, and a VERY strong indication that the club had Tiger’s cooperation on all this. This means that, unless something goes very wrong between now and Thursday, he is 1000% playing.”

Another fan wrote, “It’s insane that he looks this good after that accident.”

The Future with Tiger Woods at Augusta

This does not mean that Tiger is definitely competing in The Masters this week. It does mean that Woods is giving it a real go. He clearly wants to compete and make it happen this week in Augusta. However, he also tweeted out over the weekend, “I will be heading up to Augusta today to continue my preparation and practice. It will be a game-time decision on whether I compete. Congratulations to 16-year-old Anna Davis on an amazing win at the @anwagolf and good luck to all the kids in the @DriveChipPutt.”

It’s a “game-time decision” for Tiger in Augusta. Woods, who has won five Masters in the past, last won the tournament in 2019. Since his injury in February of 2021, the golf legend has not competed in the PGA Tour. This would be a return to action for Tiger Woods in the most surreal way. The Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis opened up about the situation last week regarding Tiger. He tweeted, “This is a critical week for (Woods) to see if his body can sustain 72 holes at Augusta National. He will exhaust every effort to play The Masters.”

Previously, Woods told CBS commentator Jim Nantz, “I don’t know.” He added, “I can hit balls. The hard part is actually walking; that’s going to take some time. I’m going to have to put in the time and effort at home and do all the beach walks and walk golf courses.” The walking has been all folks have talked about when it comes to Woods. The worry with Woods at Augusta is that he can make it through the hilly portions of the course. If his body can withstand the walking the course aspect to it all. If he can do that, as he did for the practice rounds last week perhaps we will indeed see Tiger Woods return to The Masters this weekend.