Tiger Woods Told Rory McIlroy Incredible Story When Visiting Him in Hospital After Car Crash

by Emily Morgan

In the wake of Tiger Woods’ car crash that left him hospitalized, many are offering the golf star their well-wishes. In addition to his friends, family, and fans, the golf community has offered Woods an outpouring of love. Fellow golf legend Roy McIlory is a part of that group. Recently, McIlory visited Woods while he’s been recuperating.

“I spent a couple hours with him, which was nice. It was good to see him,” McIlroy said. He also described the five-time Master champion as being in “decent spirits.” Following the accident, Woods sustained multiple leg injuries in the one-vehicle crash in Southern California on Feb. 23.

“When you hear of these things and you look at the car and you see the crash, it’s like, you think he’s going to be in a hospital bed for six months,” McIlroy said. “But he was actually doing better than that.” So what did the two legends have to talk about? As it turns out, McIlleroy had quite the realization during his visit.

McIlory Left in Awe After visit with Tiger Woods

“So I went over to Tiger’s house a few weeks ago to see him, and in his family room he’s got his trophy cabinet and it’s his 15 major trophies. I said, ‘That’s really cool. Where are all the others?’

“He said, ‘I don’t know.’ I go, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, my mom has some and a few are in the office and a few are wherever.'”

Since his first win in 2000, Woods has won 82 PGA Tour events, tied for the most ever with Sam Snead.

“I was driving home, and I was thinking [those major trophies] are all he cared about. So how easy must that have felt for him to win all the others? That was just always in my mind. He talked about how these are the four weeks that matter. So the weeks that didn’t matter, you know, he racked them up at a pretty fast clip.

McIlroy’s epiphany didn’t just stop there. He realized that out of the 52 weeks that make up a year, Tiger Woods’ career hangs in a delicate balance that consists of four critical weeks.

“But I’m just thinking to myself, how easy must that have felt for him if all he cared about were four weeks a year. The other stuff must have been like practice. So that’s a cool perspective to have, right? Yeah — that’s all I could think about on the way home.”

Long before the two had a chance to meet, McIlroy grew up watching Woods long before he came into the professional golf world. Always a fan, now McIlroy gets to call Woods a friend. Maybe this year, McIlroy will take his new frame of thought and win himself a green jacket at the upcoming Masters. Either way, this years’ Masters is bound to look different without Tiger Woods.