Tiger Woods Shuts Down Idea That He’s the ‘GOAT’ in Conversation with Dwyane Wade

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

If an Outsider sees Tiger Woods on the golf course, then they may think they’re watching the “GOAT” in golf. Woods isn’t taking that mantle yet.

Woods, during a conversation with NBA player Dwyane Wade for his A Round with Tiger: Celebrity Lessons series for Golf Digest, refuses to take on “Greatest of All Time” status. The interview with Wade was done the day before Woods’ auto accident in California.

According to an article from People, Wade asked Woods if he was comfortable being called that.

Tiger Woods, 45, replied with a laugh and said, “I’m not the GOAT.”

Right, see there we go. Let’s get to that,” Wade, 39, said. “Certain people will say, ‘The GOAT! The Greatest of All Time!’ And you will say, ‘Well, I’m not because of…’ you have your reasons.”

Tiger Woods Said ‘I’m Not Done’ When Pushed For ‘GOAT’ Answer By Wade

Woods replied, “No, I’m not there yet.” Wade then asked Woods, “What will make you be there? When you’re done?”

I’m not done,” Tiger Woods said. Wade asked, “So only when you’re done is when you The GOAT?”

I’m not done,” the champion golfer repeated. Again, Wade asked, “So you can’t be The GOAT while you’re still playing?”

Tiger Woods again said, “I’m not done.”

Make of all that what you will, Outsiders. But the drive and will to compete once again apparently is alive and well within Woods. When he plays again is anyone’s guess as he continues to heal from his auto injuries.

Champion Golfer Was ‘Bummed’ To Miss The Masters This Year

Tiger Woods admitted that he was “bummed” about missing The Masters Tournament this year in Augusta, Ga. It’s always been one of his favorite tournaments and one that he captured back in 2019 for his fifth Green Jacket.

That was according to Justin Thomas, a close friend of Woods on the PGA Tour. Woods made a triumphant return to the PGA’s yearly pilgrimage to Augusta, Ga., by winning The Green Jacket in 2019.

“We texted Friday morning, and he said it’s kind of starting to set in,” Thomas said during a press conference on Tuesday prior to the usual Thursday opening round, according to TMZ. “He’s bummed he’s not here playing practice rounds with us, and we hate it too.”

Thomas said he would miss playing those practice rounds with Woods. “I’d gone over to see him a couple of times last week,” Thomas said.

Woods has provided golf fans with plenty of championship moments in his career. He’s also dealt with off-the-course issues, too, which sent Woods at one point to treatment. But Tiger Woods remains focused on returning to play golf at a professional level during his rehab after his auto accident.