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Tiger Woods Wins the Masters 24-Years Ago Today, Sleeps With Iconic Green Jacket

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images

Many may consider Tiger Woods one of the greatest pro golfers ever. But even Woods had to get his start somewhere. The athlete took the golfing world by storm in the 1990s. And he cemented his place in the sports world with a Masters win in 1997.

Woods fulfilled a boyhood dream of his. And the golfer was so excited by the victory, he refused to remove the coveted green jacket. That night Woods also used the jacket as a makeshift blanket when he went to sleep. A photo from that day showed the golfer swaddled in the green dress wear. For the Masters, Woods won the competition by 12 strokes on April 13, 1997.

Woods would go on to also win the competition several more times. But there’s nothing quite like you’re first. In total, Woods would win the Masters five times in his career, one-off from Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus holds the current record for the number of Masters wins. Woods would win the competition again in 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2019.

The 2019 victory proved to be a crowning achievement as well. Many questioned if Woods’s best days were now behind him. The win came during a downward period in the golfer’s career. And Woods’s victory showed he still had several games left in him as a result.

Tiger Woods Congratulates Masters Winner

Tiger Woods, unfortunately, didn’t get the opportunity to compete in the Masters again this year. The pro golfer was involved in a single-car collision. Woods ended up crashing his SUV down an embankment in February. The Los Angeles Sheriff Department said that speed played a significant factor in the wreck. The golfer was reportedly speeding at the time of the accident.

As a result, Woods experienced a major injury to his right leg that required surgery. The golfer currently is out of the hospital and back at home recovering. Currently, it’s unknown whether Woods will make a return to professional golfing or how his injury might affect his swing. Woods will be off the green for quite some time. But the golfer used social media to congratulate this year’s Masters champ, Hideki Matsuyama.

“Making Japan proud Hideki,” Woods wrote on Twitter. “Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment for you and your country. This historical @TheMasters win will impact the entire golf world.”

It remains to be seen whether Woods competes again in the Masters in the future. But there’s no denying the legacy that he’s built on the course.