Tim Tebow Posts Hilarious Clip with Stephen A. Smith as He Joins ‘First Take’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

On Sunday night, pro football and baseball player turned sports analyst Tim Tebow shared a hilarious clip of himself and Stephen A. Smith prior to joining First Take.

Recently, First Take had a shake up of personnel on the popular ESPN sports talk show. Longtime analyst Max Kellerman left the show, which left an opening for Smith’s new sports debate partner. Last week, ESPN announced that Tim Tebow would replace Kellerman, but he’s not the only new analyst.

The NCAA football champion will join Stephen A. every Friday to debate the most recent news in sports. Additionally, Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin will join the show each and every Monday. However, the rest of the week will be filled with a rotating cast of ESPN personalities.

Ahead of making his first permanent appearance on First Take, Tebow shared an amusing compilation of himself and Smith working together in previous shows. The former quarterback is no stranger to Smith or his show First Take. With lighthearted music playing in the background, the clips repeatedly show the love fest between Tebow and Smith from previous appearances together.

The two continuously call each other “friend” in the funny but endearing video. That said, their new permanent relationship on the sports talk show may eventually tone down the current love fest between the two. Anyone that knows First Take and Smith’s antics will know his debate style well. The talking head is loud and argumentative to the point of being obnoxious at times. It’s the main reason he’s such a polarizing figure and why fans tune in to listen to his sports opinions.

Tim Tebow Responds to Jake Paul’s Boxing Challenge

Tim Tebow has played football and baseball professionally. He’s athletic as can be, but he likely won’t be making a career change to boxing anytime soon.

Last week, YouTube personality turned boxer Jake Paul told Tebow on Twitter that he should look into boxing next. On August 29, Paul won by decision against UFC fighter Tyrone Woodley. The next day, he called out Tebow when he tweeted, “aye @TimTebow I think it’s time for you to get into boxing ?!”

Before appearing on ESPN’s college football pregame shows on Saturday, Tim Tebow responded to Paul’s challenge. The current sports analyst laughed off Paul’s message and shut down any talk of him getting in a boxing ring.

“I did pretend to be Rocky in Lip Sync Battle, and I won that one,” Tim Tebow said with a laugh. “You know, I don’t think there’s much of a shot for that. At least I liked wearing Rocky’s shorts in Lip Sync Battle, that was fun.”

“So just to debunk any rumors that might start. You are not going into boxing, is that correct?” SportsCenter host David Lloyd asked Tebow.

“Yea, I don’t think that’s where I’m probably going to head next,” Tim Tebow responded.