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Tim Tebow Reveals What Lessons He Hopes Readers Learn From His New Children’s Book

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow discussed his new children’s book and the lesson that he hoped that readers would get from it in a recent appearance on “The Bobby Bones Show.”The book is called “Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember,” and it was a labor of love for Tebow.

According to Tim Tebow, writing a children’s book is something that is “near and dear” to the athlete and author’s heart. Tebow said that he wanted to write the book because he remembers his parents reading to him as a child. Those bedtime reading sessions had a large impact on him. He told Bones that the book is about self-worth, meaning, and purpose. The book demonstrates that abilities or disabilities do not determine a person’s worth.

Tim Tebow didn’t get into the plot of the book, but he did elaborate on the lesson he hopes readers will learn from it. About this, he says, “Every single one of us is created special, unique, and wonderful. And, I want every single kid to understand that about their life: that they are 1 of 1 and they are special and they are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The Most Touching Part of Tim Tebow’s New Book

The book sounds like it would be a sweet story for kids. The most touching part, though, is the inspiration for the characters in the book. Tim Tebow based the main character, Bronco, on his dog that passed away last year. He told Bones that it is a tribute to his faithful friend. In his eyes, the book isn’t just a way to remember his pooch. He is happy to be able to use Bronco to, hopefully, have a positive impact on children.

However, this moving tribute to Bronco isn’t the most touching thing about the book. According to Tebow, all of the other characters’ names come from a very special place. Each of them is named after a Make A Wish child that Tim Tebow met and befriended. These kids have since passed away.

“Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember” stands as a memorial to some special individuals who touched Tim Tebow’s heart deeply. Instead of just remembering their names or faces, he is using them to reach out and tell other kids that they are special. Studies have shown time and time again that two things help children succeed in life: healthy self-esteem boosts and reading. With this book, Tebow is hoping to provide both of those.