Tim Tebow Gets Revenge on Luke Bryan for Trolling Him With His Own Heisman Trophy

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan may have gotten a few laughs when he won a bid to take Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy back to his Nashville, TN home for a few months—but he didn’t get the last.

Tebow made history in 2007 by winning the coveted award as a sophomore at Florida. And years later, he started putting that win to good use by auctioning the trophy off for charities, which is something he continues to do today. Whoever makes the highest bid gets to keep the golden football player for a set amount of time.

In 2020, Tebow offered to put the trophy on the block for Luke’s wife Caroline’s Brett Boyer Foundation. Caroline set up the foundation in 2018 after losing her 7-month-old niece to Down syndrome complications and a congenital heart defect.

Caroline was the one who scored Tim Tebow’s trophy that year. But as a University of Georgia fan, her husband had some beef with the award because it was won by a Florida alum. So, being the well-known practical joker he is, he took the opportunity to troll his football-playing pal.

The gag began when the Country music star officially took control of the trophy, which happened to be the one week before the rival schools had a match-up, and he blasted a video of it wearing a Georgia sweatshirt for his 6.2 million followers.

“I feel like it was an effort to bring bad mojo into my household,” he says of the impeccable timing. “So, ladies and gentlemen, just to let you know, there’s Tim’s Heisman, just to prove to you guys, he made good on his promise.”

“But I’ve got this all week—to put a curse on the Florida Gators,” he added with a sinister smile.

Tim Tebow Proved to be Just as Much of a Troll as Luke Bryan

In an interview with the Dan Patrick Show, Tim explained that the trolling continued after Luke posted that video. So he had to concoct a way to get revenge.

“Luke Bryan, he and his wife Caroline—who are so sweet—they’re a big part of some nonprofits that we work together [with],” Tim Tebow said. “So he and his wife won it.”

“Leading up to Florida-Georgia—because he’s such a Georgia fan—he would put a Georgia jersey on it. He would put peanut butter all over it and let his dog lick it off,” Tim continued. “He would do all sorts of stuff. I was like, ‘This isn’t fair.’ Right? He’s trying to hurt my Heisman.”

Luckily for Tim, Caroline is just as much of a practical joker as her husband. So she got together with Tim and stole one of Luke’s CMA Artist of the Year awards. With that in his possession, Tim gave Luke a taste of his own medicine.

I started sending him videos of me using it as, like, a sparkling water opener or, you know, a jack for a car,” Tim laughed. “We kept going back and forth, and I think the CMAs got kind of upset with it. I didn’t actually hurt it. It just looked like we were using it that way.”