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Tim Tebow Says He Won’t Give Up Baseball to Re-Join Urban Meyer in Jacksonville

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Urban Meyer is closing in on the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching job. He is on the lookout for people to join him in Jacksonville, both to play for him and coach with him. One name that has come up recently is Tim Tebow.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and Urban Meyer have a history together. During Tebow’s collegiate career at the University of Florida, Meyer was his coach. Together, they won two national championships and helped both of their legends grow.

However, while Meyer went on to coach Ohio State and have incredible success there, Tim Tebow has not found that success. While he is a big contributor for ESPN, his football career has fizzled out. Instead, Tebow found his way into baseball with the New York Mets. Even though he is still in the minors at 33 years old, he is holding out hope of making the big leagues.

So, TMZ Sports recently sat down with Tim Tebow to ask him about whether a return to football is in the cards. But, Tebow says that he is completely committed to baseball and doesn’t see a reason to give it up.

Even if Urban Meyer were to offer him a position, coaching or playing, Tebow would decline.

“For me, I’m super excited about spring training. So, that’s where my focus kind of swirls right now.”

Tim Tebow Won’t Return to Football

Again, because of the two’s relationship, it isn’t absurd to think that Meyer might ask Tim Tebow to work with him, or even play. Even though he grew up near Jacksonville, it might not be enough to lure him back. Tebow says he is focusing on baseball.

However, Tebow says that he won’t even consider joining the Jaguars in any capacity. But, he is still very confident that Meyer will do an outstanding job with Jacksonville.

“I believe he’ll do a great job.”

Again, Tebow is staying focused on baseball, as he is excited by the prospects of joining the New York Mets MLB team. Additionally, he likes the recent trade for Francisco Lindor and hopes that at some point soon, he can play with him.

More importantly, Adam Schefter says that Urban Meyer is exceptionally close to landing the Jaguars job. So, if you hope that Tim Tebow will return to football, pay attention to who Meyer hires.

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