Titans Coach Mike Vrabel Puts NFL on Blast By Hitting ‘Reply All’ to Officiating Email

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Mike Vrabel has decided that enough is enough. In a very passive-aggressive manner, the Tennessee Titans head coach called out the NFL for inconsistent officiating, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

This week, the NFL sent out an officiating video to coaches and general managers. These videos are sent out each week, explaining some of the calls made from the previous week’s games. Typically, those emails don’t receive any response.

Vrabel, however, felt the need to chime in this time. He hit the “reply all” action and called on the NFL to focus its attention on properly training the officiating crews.

“I appreciate the time and energy that goes into these videos, but I suggest we devote every minute of our officiating departments’ time ensuring our officiating crews are as well trained in the clarifications we worked to create in the off season and that each crew is as consistent as possible. Thank you,” the email said, per Schefter.

The response to the league was reportedly an intentional move from Vrabel.

Vrabel’s response comes after the NFL received plenty of heat for a pair of roughing the passer penalties that occurred. Those controversial calls sparked outrage among fans — as well as players and analysts.

Even though Vrabel’s Titans weren’t involved in those situations, he’s tired of seeing the inconsistency in the officiating realm. He’s not the only one, either.

NFL Competition Committee Set to Discuss Roughing the Passer

Officiating in any sport has never perfect. It never will be. Coaches and general managers in the NFL aren’t asking for perfecting, but they are hoping to see more consistency, especially with roughing the passer calls.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported that the league’s competition committee plans to discuss the roughing the passer penalty after the 2022 season. One of the biggest topics regarding the rule will be whether or not it should be a reviewable play.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay thinks that could help the situation.

“[There’s] too much inequity with what’s able to be challenged and reviewed and what’s not,” he told ESPN.

Last week, former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning also believes making roughing the passer calls should be reviewable. The two-time Super Bowl-winner suggested that those plays are too critical to not be subject to review.

“I think it’s pretty obvious when you drive a guy into the ground as opposed to tackling him. Maybe you could bring instant replay into these calls,” Manning told Yahoo Sports. “Just because they are such important calls and difference makers.”