Titans Linebacker Bud Dupree Pleads Guilty to Role in Walgreens Brawl

by Patrick Norton

Don’t mess with Bud Dupree. That feels like a no-brainer given the Tennessee Titans linebacker’s stature. Standing 6’4 and weighing 267 pounds, Dupree represents the type of character you’d avoid aggressing.

However, one unlucky employee in a Nashville-area Walgreens didn’t receive the league-wide memo in time. The spat between the two individuals on January 4 left Dupree with an unfortunate citation for his actions. On Monday morning, the NFL linebacker pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault deemed ‘offensive or provocative’.

According to eye-witnesses, the employee accosted Dupree with significant heckles, allegedly threatening to spit on a woman accompanying the 29-year-old. However, when the encounter reached a certain level of extreme verbal aggression, Dupree flipped. Authorities said Dupree grabbed the employee while attempting to confiscate the man’s cellphone.

But the linebacker left the scene before the police could arrive and sort out the mess. Unfortunately for Dupree, it left the officers with the employee’s side of the story. But it’s back to work for the linebacker after the court slapped him with a $418 court cost fee and six months of unsupervised probation.

Luckily for Dupree, he signed a five-year contract worth more than $82 million last offseason with the Titans. The former Pittsburgh Steelers standout should recoup the lost dough relatively quickly.

However, one major mishap for the linebacker comes in the form of a presumed banishment from that Walgreens. Traveling across town to a second location for last-minute birthday cards and overpriced two-liter bottles of coke takes the convenience out of ‘convenience store’.

Bud Dupree’s Walgreens Fight Club Exemplifies Tennessee’s Tenacity Heading into Regular Season

With the 2022 NFL season rapidly approaching, attention returns to the gridiron for Dupree and the Titans. While back-to-back AFC North champions, the team only boasts second-best odds to win the division in 2022 according to oddsmakers.

But while the Indianapolis Colts hold a slight advantage less than a month from the regular season, both teams possess a 9.5 win total futures bet. Head coach Mike Vrabel’s hard-nosed crew could certainly retain the divisional throne, but the witching hour for playoff success awaits.

Since losing the Conference Championship Game in 2019, the Titans have failed to reach the game again. A Divisional Round loss and Wild Card disappointment over the last two postseasons have created unwanted stress on the organization primed for Super Bowl competition.

However, additions of Harold Landry and Roger McCreary on defense should boost the grit of a lacking pass rush and secondary. And if any opposing quarterback should threaten to spit on Bud Dupree’s friend, watch out.