Titans OL Ben Jones Walks Around Barefoot in Shorts in Snowy Lambeau Field Pregame

by Charles Craighill

Ahead of today’s matchup against the Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Ben Jones decided to take a stroll around the snowy Lambeau Field… barefoot. The weather in Green Bay is a pleasant 23 degrees, so Jones’ shorts and bare feet were appropriate. Jones found one way to get ‘warmed up’ for the game.

The Ben Jones Story

Apparently, this barefoot march is a tradition for Ben Jones. Before every game, he walks out onto the field barefoot and says a prayer for his brother. Both he and his brother suffered from tragedy from a young age. Just after Ben’s tenth birthday, his father passed away in a horrific helicopter crash. A few years later, his best friend died in a four-wheeler accident.

These tragic events along with a severe brain injury from getting hit in the head with a baseball bat caused Jones to really refocus on his faith. To this day, faith remains a huge part of his life. So, before every game, he goes out onto the field to pray. You can bet a little snow won’t stop him.

Tonight’s Game

The game will kick off at Lambeau Field at 7:20 CT in the heavy snow. The snow is expected to continue to fall late into the evening. This will likely play to Tennessee’s advantage as their run game carries their offense. With heavy snowfall, throwing will be far more difficult, however, Aaron Rodgers has played in the cold weather for fifteen years now.

Ben Jones and the Tennessee Titans offensive line will look to win the battle at the line of scrimmage against a struggling Packers run defense. Expect a heavy dose of Derrick Henry as the Titans look to pound the rock into the heart of the defense.

Henry, who has 1,679 rushing yards this year, could join elite company with a 2,000-yard year if he can average a little over 160 yards per game in these last two games. For Derrick Henry, 160 yards a game doesn’t at all feel out of the realm of possibilities. Especially with today’s matchup against a struggling run defense in conditions that will necessitate the run.

The Packers also have a big incentive to win tonight, as a win will solidify their number one seed in the NFC. Expect a really close game tonight that will come down to who holds on to the football.