Titans RB Derrick Henry Throws TD Pass Against Packers, NFL Fans Sound Off

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Is there anything that Derrick Henry can’t do? The Tennessee Titans running back has put on a show, including a passing touchdown, against Green Bay. Everyone knows that the 250lb NFL runner can cause havoc with the ball in his hands. However, that’s usually in a wrecking ball-type way.

On this drive in the red zone, Derrick Henry did a ton of work to get the Titans within scoring range. This Tennessee team, for the last two seasons, has been excellent within the 20-yard line. It’s almost impossible to stop this team when they get into the last portion of the field.

No one saw this coming, though.

It looked like a run up the middle, and then it turned into a trick play. The defense had no idea, and Hooper went into the endzone for six. This game is starting to get away from the Packers.

One fan summed it up pretty well, “Derrick Henry out here throwing TDs and sh** wtf!”

Fans Can’t Believe Derrick Henry

Even Titans fans that have watched Derrick Henry abuse defenses for years now can’t believe what they saw. There is always those trick plays that teams have. However, there are rarely any times when they can get used. Tennessee saw an opportunity and took it.

“Derrick Henry ran a touchdown and threw a pass for a touchdown. Will he complete the trifecta and catch a touchdown? Kinda incredible,” one viewer said on Twitter.

If you thought that you could contain Henry, then you’re wrong. Defensive coordinators be damned, the runner is simply too strong, too fast, and too talented to stop on the ground. So much so, that no one thought that he would actually pull it and pass.

“Everyone knows the Titans can’t pass, so they stack 8 in the box to make it brutally hard for [Derrick Henry] to run…Meh, no problem, the King will just throw it for a TD…Dude is amazing!!!” another fan said.

When the Packers lined up against the Titans on Thursday night, they knew it was going to be a tough game. Green Bay is trying to get their season back on track. However, the problem is that you still have to find a way to stop Derrick Henry. That is just not something that happens.

Just when you think you have the best running back in the league contained, he throws one over your head for a touchdown. Ain’t that something?