Titans’ Rookie Isaiah Wilson Caught on Camera at Wild New Year’s Eve Party

by Katie Maloney

Tennessee Titans rookie offensive lineman, Isaiah Wilson, seen at a NYE yacht party during Instagram video.

It’s been no secret that Wilson likes to party. Wilson was arrested for driving under the influence and received a trespassing warning last year after a Tennessee Titans State University party. Most recently, Wilson can be seen attending a wild New Years Eve party on a yacht. Wilson’s friend, Omar Thompson, shared a video of the party on his Instagram story. The video shows Wilson partying on the yacht with a group of women in bikinis surrounded by dollar bills.

During the video, Wilson and Thompson talk about the money they have to spend at the party. Thompson says he has “eighty” while Wilson announces, “I have 100,000.”

Video of Isaiah Wilson taken from Omar Thompson’s Instagram story.

Is Isaiah Wilson ‘Self-Destructing’ On Purpose?

Even after last year’s events, it doesn’t appear that Wilson has any intentions of slowing down. During an interview, Wilson’s prep coach, Kevin Fountaine says, “It’s almost like he’s self-destructing on purpose.” He continues, “I just hope he kind of wakes up a little.”

Although he was drafted in the first round, Wilson’s rookie season has been pretty lackluster. He’s been in trouble with the police multiple times. He’s been placed on the COVID-19 list twice. And, most recently, he was placed on an in-house suspension for “violating club rules.” He has rarely been active for games. However, it’s unclear how the Titans will choose to move forward. Wilson’s rookie contract is for $11,568,389 over a four year period. Additionally, he received a $5,873,376 signing bonus and $11,357,982 guaranteed. The organization may not be able to recoup that money if they cut Wilson.

Regardless of what the Titan’s decide to due in 2021, it doesn’t look like Wilson has set any New Years resolutions to cut back on partying.