TNF: Jeff Bezos Gets Roasted for Ultra-Bizarre Handshake During Chiefs vs. Chargers Game

by Samantha Whidden

As NFL fans continue to criticize Amazon’s TNF technical issues, the company’s founder Jeff Bezos is getting roasted for the ultra bizarre handshake during the big game.

Jeff Bezos was notably seen shaking hands with fans at the Los Angeles Charges vs Kansas City Chief’s game on Thursday (September 15th). Although that seems innocent, the internet blew up at the sight of Bezos’s handshakes. In one pic, Bezos is struggling to shake a hand of a fan in the stands. “Apparently Bezos shook hands today for the first time ever,” one Twitter user declared. 

Another Twitter user shared the communication between NFL’s Roger Goodell and Jeff Bezos while the two sat together awkwardly at the game. “‘Goodell: 0111010110 110001101011100’ ‘Bezos: 0110001010 1001 01001101111’ ‘Goodell: 101101!’ the tweet reads. 

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and Roger Goodell together made a new meme due to the awkwardness between the two. Twitter users addressed the issues that they were experiencing with Amazon’s TNF services by using the photo. “THE WORST!!! Hey Bezos, how bout putting some more money into your sound quality,” a disgruntled Twitter user wrote. “Hey Goodell, how bout airing on NFL Network as well (better video/sound quality).” 

During the Amazon TNF broadcast of the Chiefs vs Chargers game, there were noticeable video and audio issues. The issues notably caused some of the streaming to get out of sync for some subscribers. The next game that will be featured on the Amazon TNF service will be the Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully, by then, the service will have fixed the issues.

Jeff Bezos Allegedly Interested in Buying NFL Team 

According to Chron in November 2021, Jeff Bezos was reportedly interested in purchasing an NFL team. He was rumored to be considering buying the Denver Broncos as well as the Washington Commanders. 

In the offseason, Jeff Bezos allegedly mentioned being a possible buyer of the Los Angeles Chargers as well. This was after the sister of controlling owner Dean Spanos attempted to convince her brother to sell the team. Bezos did become interested in purchasing the Seattle Seahawks in 2018 when the team’s former owner, Paul Allen passed away. However, Allen’s sister Jody ended up taking over. 

It seems that Jeff Bezos has given a lot of teams hope that he’ll eventually purchase them. In 2020, he considered buying the Detroit Lions. However, the team has been in the Ford family since 1960 and never went up for sale. 

However, Bleacher Report reported that I King of NBC Sports stated that Jeff Bezos is not interested in the Denver Broncos. “At least now he’s not,” Kind explained. A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports also shared that Bezos did remain interested in NFL ownership, he just didn’t mention which team he was interested in.