Tokyo Olympics 2020: Fans Are Going Nuts Over the U.S. Skateboarding Team’s ‘Retro’ Outfits

by Suzanne Halliburton

The Tokyo Olympics introduced the traditional sports world to skateboarding. And now we all know about their skate style.

The participants in Skateboard Street Sunday night were as entertaining for their tricks as they were for their retro uniforms. It needs to be stressed that when skateboarders compete, they wear the same kind of comfortable clothes that they would at the local skate park or maybe even the mall parking lot.

Plus, skateboarders embrace color. You saw a ton of uniforms with abstract patterns featuring turquoise and orange, layered with reds, blues and yellows.

One fan posted on Twitter of the new Tokyo Olympic event:

“Skateboarding is the best Olympic sport to watch (because) the outfits are the most fun.”

Japan’s Gold Medalist at Tokyo Olympics Wore Colorful Uniform Kit

Japan’s Yuto Horigome celebrated his gold medal. He said he lives about 20 miles from Ariake Urban Sports Park, the Tokyo Olympics skateboarding venue. His dad drove a taxi to pay the family bills. Count on it — he was that kid who went straight to the skate park after he got out of school.

The official Tokyo Olympics Twitter account wrote of its admiration for the stylish guys.

“Can we just take a second to admire the outfits from skateboarding’s Olympic debut today? From all-white overalls, multi coloured vests, and some big 90’s vibes, the men were looking good today!”

Nike Used Dutch Artist to Design Shirts/Pants

Nike designed a lot of the uniform kits on display. The sportswear giant sponsored four federations and 19 athletes competing at the Tokyo Olympics. The United States, Japan, France and Brazil are among the countries with skateboarders wearing the Nike brand.

The Nike skate clothing was designed by Dutch artist Piet Parra. According to Nike, the federation kits use “Pantone landscapes” from the home countries. Plus, the kits were inspired by sports closely associated with the country. For the United States, it’s basketball. Japan was baseball. Soccer inspired the Brazil kits, while tennis did so for France.

The Tokyo2020 Twitter account asked its followers which uniform they liked the best. In posting the tweet, they used a photo of France’s Vincent Milou, who wore a short-sleeved white buttoned shirt with baggy white pants. He topped it off with a light blue cap. One follower nominated Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil. He won the silver medal dressed head-to-toe in baggy navy blue. He rolled up his pants and flipped his hat backwards.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Jagger Eaton of United States Won Bronze While Wearing Tank Top, Ear Buds

The United States contingency didn’t have the expected performance. And neither competitor wore the same uniform.

Nyjah Huston was the heavy favorite for a gold medal. Maybe that was because his name is the most recognizable among those competing. But he managed only a seventh-place finish in the finals as he failed to complete his last four tricks.

Jagger Eaton saved the Americans at the Tokyo Olympics by winning bronze. He went with a baggy tank top and white shorts. And fans were amazed he wore AirPods during his runs. You need good tunes to kick up your board and ride down a railing. Eaton’s parents were gymnastic coaches back in Arizona. At age 4, he received a skateboard as a Christmas present.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)