Tokyo Olympics 2021: Who Designed the US’s Opening Ceremony Outfits

by Samantha Whidden

Team USA Olympics team’s outfits during each of the games’ opening ceremonies are known to be chic and iconic. Some fans of the timeless sporting event do not know that fashion brand, Ralph Lauren, has been designing the team’s outfits since the Beijing Olympic Summer Games in 2008. 

According to Bustle, Ralph Lauren has been the official designer for Team USA for Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014, PyeongChang 2018, and Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The brand is the official designer for the U.S. Open and Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2015. Ralph Lauren is also designing the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Sporting News reveals for this year’s Olympics outfits feature Ralph Lauren’s signature navy blue blazer with the United States crest and the RL logo on the front with a navy blue and white striped shirt. A stars-and-stripes ascot, blue denim pants, and red, white, and blue sneakers, pull the whole outfit together. 

Team USA’s 2020 Olympics Outfits Have Wearable Technology

Team USA’s outfits also have RL Cooling, which is a state-of-the-art wearable technology. It is a self-regulating temperature cooling device.  The company says it began exploration tech with the debut of its heated jacket at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

While sharing more details about the device, David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the Ralph Lauren Board, states in a press release, “Through the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Ralph Lauren celebrates America’s pioneering spirit and tradition, while embracing modernity and innovation. Recognizing Tokyo’s summer heat, we sought to develop a solution for Team USA that fuses fashion and function. Allowing them to look and feel their best on one of the world’s biggest stages.”

The 2020 Team USA Collection is available for purchase in Ralph Lauren retail stores and U.S. department stores and online at The brand adds that the collection’s royalties are going to the USA Olympics and Paralympic teams. 

Team USA’s 2020 Olympics Outfits Receive Some Criticism 

During and after the 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony, there were mixed feelings about Team USA’s outfits at the event. Team USA showed off the outfits on Twitter with the caption, “#TeamUSA are here!”

Sharing their thoughts about the outfits, one Twitter user states, “Ralph Lauren horse as big as the US badge and on the left side over their heart. Are we Team Ralph Lauren or Team USA?” 

“Perhaps it’s time for other designers besides Ralph Lauren to show their vision of what the U.S. Olympic Team’s official clothing should look like,” another Twitter user tweets. 

Sue Bird of Team USA’s Women’s Basketball Team and Team USA Baseball’s Eddy Alvarez are the 2020 U.S. Olympics flag bearers. Instead of the usual blue blazer, the duo came out wearing a white blazer as a way to single them out during the traditional parade portion of the Olympic ceremony.