Tom Brady Admits He Still Gets ‘Fired Up’ About His Unimpressive Draft Scouting Report

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Tom Brady has always played with a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder. Despite many considering him the greatest of all time, the Buccaneers quarterback still obsesses over past slights. The biggest of which is still the NFL Draft.

Brady recently posted an NFL Films segment to Twitter that he says “still gets (him) fired up.” Host Steve Sabol reads to Brady a condensed version of what NFL “experts” thought of his prospects. The report is pretty brutal.

“Tom Brady: poor build, … skinny, lacks great physical stature and strength, and gets knocked down easily,” Sabol reads.

Brady doesn’t let an insult go to waste. That’s because he feels compelled to prove them wrong.

“Well, that kind of gets me fired up,” he replies in the video. “Because I’m thinking what the hell do these people know? That sounds like Joe Montana right there. When people tell you ‘hey, you can’t do this,’ or ‘you can’t do this’ and you keep overcoming that, you build this confidence in yourself — and this belief in yourself — that even when no one else believes in you that I’m still going to do it because I don’t give a s**t what you say, because I know what I can do and I’ve done it.”

No team was very interested in Brady when he came out of the University of Michigan for the 2000 NFL Draft. In fact, every team in the league skipped over him until the Patriots drafted Brady in the sixth round with the 199th pick. He’s still making teams pay for that 21 years later.

Tom Brady Says He Wants to Win His 8th Title Next Season

Tom Brady isn’t finished with football. The GOAT is headed into his 22nd season, and he wants another ring. He posted a photo recently that featured his trainer and included the caption “Back to work. #Eyeson8.”

Keep in mind this was only days after he won his seventh title.

Though Brady did ask fans what he should do for the next five months before training camp starts. He usually spends most offseasons brooding over his haters and using their tears for workout fuel. He recently put out a video where he promised he “kept all of the receipts.”

But he at least seems to be enjoying this off-season. From throwing the Lombardi Trophy over open water to getting into a Twitter beef with Justin Bieber, Brady seems to be having some fun with his time off.