Tom Brady Breaks Passing Record, Ignores Stoppage Celebration to Go Hurry-Up

by Jonathan Howard

While some expected a bit more pomp and circumstance, Tom Brady just wants to get the next play going, even after breaking a record. Football is business when it comes to the Tampa Bay QB.

When you have as many records as Brady does and as many championships, these things just don’t mean as much. Also, it is the beginning of the game, can’t get too comfortable after six minutes of playtime. Despite passing Drew Brees to become the all-time passing leader, the GOAT kept things moving.

While the stadium cheered for the record, Brady lined up and moved into hurry-up offense.

As for the football that traveled those 28 yards to give Brady the record? Well, it got quickly tossed to an equipment manager for safekeeping. Hopefully, it doesn’t go missing somehow.

The entire situation was a little anti-climactic. While it is a huge moment and accomplishment, there wasn’t a lot of fanfare around the event. The officials had to review the play to make sure the record had been broken. So, there was a small stoppage of play. Then, when they came back to the game on the NBC broadcast, the Buccs were already lined up for another play.

So, the celebration image flashed on the video board and the Patriots fans applauded their former QB before going back to cheering against him once more. It was a funny situation and one where Tom Brady had no time to even wave to the crowd. He’s trying to get these TDs!

Tom Brady Makes His Return, Fans are Unsure of What To Do

With all the excitement around the return of Tom Brady to New England, there was a lot of media made. Those hype videos leading up to the game this weekend were all over the place. You couldn’t avoid them.

The Patriots had made a tribute video for before the game. That was shown and fans loved it. When Brady took the field in the pregame, the crowd went crazy. They even started to chant his name, “BRADY! BRADY!” it was like he was back in a Pats uniform.

However, as soon as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Brady took the field to play, it was all over. The honeymoon was done. The jeers and boos rained down from the packed stadium. While the field is familiar for Brady, that reaction from the crowd is not.

There were some that thought the GOAT was going to break the record in his first drive. It looked like that might be possible. However, the rain was not kind. The first drive ended in a punt. When he took the field for the second drive, the determination was in his eyes. After a couple of runs and a pass to Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans made the 28-yard grab to solidify the record for Tom Brady.