Tom Brady Calls NFL Players ‘Ignorant’ in New Post Amid League Values Rising

by Suzanne Halliburton

Surely, Tom Brady is nearing the end of his fantastic NFL career. But the Tampa Bay quarterback had some advice for other players in the league.

Wake up, the 44-year-old quarterback said. Don’t allow the NFL to take advantage of you.

Tom Brady posted some comments on his Instagram story, with the NFL’s decreased salary cap juxtaposed with the rising values of the team franchises.

Brady wrote: “Forbes: Average value of NGL franchises up 14 percent despite revenue drop, topped by Dallas Cowboys. The salary cap dropped by 20% … and the new media deals were announced the day after (the) 2021 salary cap was set. NFL players better wake up, NFLPA. NFL players are ignorant.

“The salary cap dropped by 20%, and the new media deals were announced the day AFTER 2021 salary cap was set.” NFL reporter Dov Kleiman took a screenshot of Brady’s remarks and tweeted it.

Tom Brady Quoted Story About Rising Team Revenue

Obviously, Tom Brady had just read the cover story for Forbes. The business magazine blasted this headline “The NFL’s Most Valuable Teams 2021: Average Team Value Soars To $3.5 Billion As League Shrugs Off Pandemic Year.” And Forbes singled out this huge point. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, total league revenue did see a significant drop. It was 20 percent. Still, each team averaged revenue of $381 million. Forbes said the money “came raining down on the NFL.”

The overall value of an NFL team rose by an average of 14 percent. That’s the biggest gain in five years. And through all that, the NFL sliced its salary cap and cut some veteran players because of their big paychecks.

As Tom Brady noted, right after the NFL released salary cap plans, the league agreed to an 11-year media worth $111.8 billion. That media contract starts for the 2023 season. Each NFL team can expect $220 million this year, with payouts ballooning to $377 million by 2032, the end of the contract.

It’s a lot of cash.

Back in May, Tom Brady renegotiated his contract with Tampa Bay, after leading the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory three months before. He did so to help with the team’s 2021 salary cap. This wasn’t new for him. Brady, when he was playing for New England, tweaked his deal five times to help put the Patriots.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Brady will receive $50 million over the next two seasons, with $41.075 coming this year. The rest will be paid in 2022. His 2021 signing bonus will be spread out over four years. And in doing so, Tampa cut Brady’s impact on the 2021 cap by almost $20 million. For more info about Brady’s deal, click it here.

Players aren’t hurting for money. The median average salary for a player this season is $860,000. But quarterbacks like Tom Brady do skew the numbers. For example, Patrick Mahomes earns $45 million, while Dak Prescott’s contract is for $40 million for this fall.