Tom Brady Celebrates 21 Years Since Patriots Drafted Him: ‘NFL Career Can Legally Buy a Beer’

by Will Shepard

Twenty-first birthdays are many people’s favorite memories – or something like that anyway. At any rate, Tom Brady has officially been in the NFL for 21 years now.

April 16 denotes a special occasion for New England. In 2000, Tom Brady was drafted with the No. 199-overall by the Patriots. From that moment onward, greatness ensued. He never looked back once on his way to crafting the greatest football career in history. That famous date is now 21 years ago. But, the superstar quarterback’s career seems to be far from over.

Tom Brady is almost 44 years old now and still has yet to slow down. He has been in the league for what seems like forever for most sports fans (especially the Patriots haters out there). So, Brady posted a short yet hilarious tweet about his career on Twitter. The post puts a hilariously unique spin on just how long he has been playing football.

“Big day. My NFL career can legally buy a beer,” Tom Brady quipped.

Tom Brady: An Immaculate Career So Far

Over the years, Tom Brady has solidified himself as the “Greatest of All Time.” He won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Last season he made a big move to Tampa Bay, but success followed, and he won yet another Super Bowl.

247sports detailed how the No. 199 came to be. NFL teams certainly kicked themselves for not thoroughly scouting Tom Brady. He fell to the sixth round, and the Patriots got to use their highest compensatory pick on him.

“Brady was selected by the Patriots with a compensatory draft pick, as the team had received four for having lost linebacker Todd Collins, punter Tom Tupa, defensive tackle Mark Wheeler, and center Dave Wohlabaugh to free agency following the 1998 season.”

Originally, Tom Brady began his career with the Patriots as their fourth-string quarterback. But, he changed that in a hurry. By the end of his rookie season, he was Drew Bledsoe’s backup quarterback. When Bledsoe sustained an injury early in Brady’s second season, he took over for good.

In his first season as a starter, Brady won Super Bowl XXXVI. There have been hundreds of draft picks, but Tom Brady quite possibly stands alone as their best choice ever – without any debate needed.

So, with all that in mind, thank the Patriots for bringing Brady into the NFL. For teams that he has beaten up on, apologies are in order. But for now, fans should remain thankful that we can still watch him play football.