Tom Brady Could Add Another Ridiculous NFL Record to His Impressive Collection This Season

by Dustin Schutte

If you attempt to list out all of Tom Brady‘s NFL records, you might need a notepad the size of a phonebook — and that still might not be enough. The 44-year-old quarterback may not be done yet, either. Heading into 2022 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers leader has a chance to do something absolutely crazy.

According to CBS Sports, Brady has a chance to break the record for most playoff victories vs. NFC teams. Go ahead, allow that ludicrous though to sink in … we’ll give you a few seconds.

Now that you’ve digested that, here’s the thing that’s important to remember: this season will mark just Brady’s third suiting up for an NFC team. The previous 20 years were spent terrifying teams across the AFC landscape with the New England Patriots.

Brady currently sits at 10 playoff wins over NFC teams. Six of those came in Super Bowl wins when he was the quarterback for New England. He notched three NFC playoff victories in 2020, his first year in Tampa, while leading the Bucs to a Super Bowl ring.

Last year, Tampa Bay defeated the Philadelphia Eagles to add another win to Brady’s total. The Buccaneers fell to the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs.

Brett Favre owns the record with 12 all-time playoff wins over NFC teams. He totaled 11 during his time with the Green Bay Packers and added one more while with the Minnesota Vikings.

Brady enters his third season with the Buccaneers needing just three playoff wins to eclipse Favre’s mark.

How Can Tom Brady Get to Lucky No. 13?

The path for Tom Brady to reach 13 playoff wins against NFC teams is pretty simplistic, really. Tampa Bay needs to start in the Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs and defeat all three opponents on the way to another Super Bowl berth.

If the Buccaneers earn a bye, the best Brady can do is tie Favre’s record at 12 wins. Still, for a quarterback who spent two decades playing in the AFC, that’s an impressive accomplishment.

Brady is currently tied at No. 2 on the exclusive quarterback list. Behind Favre’s 12, three other quarterbacks are tied with 10 wins: Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana and Brady. The difference between Brady and the other two quarterbacks? Rodgers has spent his entire 18-year career in Green Bay and Montana was with the San Francisco 49ers for 14 seasons before ending his playing days with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Brady already owns the NFL record for most playoff victories for a quarterback, recording 35 in his Hall of Fame career. Next in line is Montana, who posted 16 postseason victories.

Adding most playoff wins vs. NFC teams to the list of records would truly be an insane accomplishment — even for Brady.

Just For Fun …

What teams are responsible for allowing Tom Brady to have a shot at this ridiculous NFL record? Here’s a quick look at the quarterback’s current list of 10 postseason wins over NFC teams:

  • Philadelphia Eagles (2021, NFC Playoffs/Super Bowl XXXIX)
  • Green Bay Packers (2020, NFC Playoffs)
  • Washington Football Team (2020, NFC Playoffs)
  • New Orleans Saints (2020, NFC Playoffs)
  • Atlanta Falcons (Super Bowl LI)
  • Seattle Seahawks (Super Bowl XLIX)
  • Carolina Panthers (Super Bowl XXXVIII)
  • St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (Super Bowl XXXVI/Super Bowl LIII)