Tom Brady Could Make Another Half Million on Sunday: Here’s How

by Charles Craighill

Today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Atlanta Falcons for their final game of the 2020 season. The Buccaneers have already clinched a playoff berth, but Tom Brady has some other incentives on the line… half a million dollars worth of incentives.

While the future Hall of Fame quarterback has already racked up around $250 million in contract money over the course of his career, he could toss a few hundred grand on top of it today. In his contract, the Bucs promise Tom Brady $562,500 if he finishes in the top five in the NFL for passing yards. Entering the game, he ranks fifth.

Given the Atlanta Falcons’ atrocious passing defense, Brady stands a pretty good chance of cashing in. In fact, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan sits at number four with only 82 more yards. By the end of the day, Tom Brady has a pretty good chance of jumping Ryan for that number one spot.

Heck, he could even jump to number three if he out-throws the Bills’ Josh Allen by around 100 yards. As it stands, Allen sits at third place with 4,320, Ryan in fourth with 4,316, followed by Brady with 4,234.

Behind him, the next closest is Aaron Rodgers with 4,059. While the Packers have clinched the NFC North, they stand to clinch the first found bye with a win. Furthermore, Rodgers is currently the front runner for the NFL MVP, so he might be dealing today against the Chicago Bears. However, he still needs to out-pass Tom Brady by almost 200 yards today in order to jump him in passing yards.

Other Tom Brady Incentives in Week 17

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clinching a playoff berth, Tom Brady clinched a $500,000 contract incentive. He stands to grab even more dough with playoff wins, reaching the NFC Championship, and of course, Super Bowl LV.

Beyond these, he also had half-million-dollar incentives for finishing top five in quarterback rating, touchdowns, completion percentage, and yards per attempt. He sits at number four in touchdowns with 36, however, he will miss out on the three other categories.