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Tom Brady and Drew Brees Share Emotional Embrace on Field After Brees’ Final Game in New Orleans

by Jennifer Shea
Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NFL greats Tom Brady and Drew Brees embraced on the field after Sunday’s game that pitted Brees’ New Orleans Saints against Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees

Sunday’s game was their first time meeting in the postseason, and the rivals indulged in a display of good sportsmanship afterward.

“Great play,” Brady said.

They exchanged a few words which couldn’t be heard over the din of the crowd.

“Take care,” Brees said.

Sunday’s game could be the last time the two football greats face off. Brees may be retiring at the end of the season. 

Brady places first in NFL history in passing touchdowns (not to mention his collection of Super Bowl rings). Brees is first in NFL history in passing yards. 

Patriots Hall of Fame lineman Matt Light said Sunday’s game represented an epic showdown, according to the Boston Herald.

“You’re talking about two guys that are 42 and up, and they’re playing at the highest level that the game has ever seen,” Light said. “It’s one thing to talk about these two, and to understand that they take care of themselves, that they work physically and mentally day in and day out, and they have for their entire careers. That’s the obvious.”

“What really surprises me, with all of the different people they’ve done it with, they haven’t lost any edge,” he added. “I mean, these two ancient quarterbacks not only perform at a very high level, but they have a way they can relate their work to the guys around them.”

A Competition That Goes Back Decades

Brady had poked fun at their encounter on Twitter last week, posting a picture of himself and Brees with gray hair and beards alongside the History Channel logo.

“This is good!” Brees tweeted about Brady’s doctored photo.

As for Brees, he told ESPN he appreciated the opportunity to play against Brady. 

“I guess it was inevitable,” Brees said. “Listen, the minute that he signed with the Bucs and came in the division, you felt like that was gonna be a team to contend with. That was gonna be a team that had playoff aspirations and beyond, just like us.”

According to ESPN, they have been foes on the field for four decades now. The competition stretches back to their college days when Brady’s University of Michigan Wolverines beat Brees’ Purdue Boilermakers in 1999.

Ultimately, Brady’s Buccaneers bested Brees’ Saints on Sunday, 30-20. The Buccaneers will be going to the NFC Championship Game. And after four decades, Sunday may be the last time Brady and Brees meet on the field.