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Tom Brady Drops Hilarious Memes of Aaron Rodgers Ahead of 2021 ‘The Match’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is officially set to compete in the 2021 edition of “The Match” with fellow QB Aaron Rodgers. And he’s wasting no time hilariously trolling the Green Bay Packers quarterback on social media.

Brady and his PGA partner Phil Mickelson are teaming up once again for this year’s round of “The Match.” Last year saw the pair compete against golf icon Tiger Woods and former quarterback Peyton Manning. However, this year the duo will face off against Rodgers and PGA pro Bryson DeChambeau. Once the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback found out about the pairing, he jumped on the opportunity to use a recent meme to poke fun at Rodgers and DeChambeau.

This past weekend, the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island ended in historic fashion. Phil Mickelson’s victory made him the oldest golfer to win a major at 50 years old. Yet in a post-match interview, some of Mickelson’s thunder was slightly overshadowed by two other players. Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau can’t stand each other, and their feud came to a head live on-air.

While speaking with a reporter after Sunday’s final round, Koepka couldn’t hide his disdain for DeChambeau as he walked by in the background. Koepka became so perturbed by the golfer that he completely lost his train of thought. He shook his head and cussed under his breathe, obviously annoyed with DeChambeau. Of course, the internet jumped at the opportunity and turned the situation into a meme. On Wednesday, Brady followed suit.

Tom Brady: Meme Maker and Social Media Troll

Brady shared a series of three memes. The first one made fun of the Rodgers-DeChambeau pairing. Next, Brady made fun of the infamous Packers field goal kick when down 7 points in the NFC Championship game this past season. Finally, a third meme has “Me, Tom Brady, making memes” over DeChambeau’s head. Additionally, he added “Aaron and Bryson” over the photo of an annoyed Koepka.

You’ve got to give Brady credit. The future Hall of Famer seems to have all bases covered with the three memes. Rodgers probably would have preferred to be paired with Tiger Woods like Manning was last May. But Woods’ recent car accident and subsequent injuries won’t allow him back on a golf course anytime soon.

In addition, Tom Brady couldn’t help but get in a good dig at the debacle that was the Packers’ playoff field goal decision. Head Coach Matt LaFleur opted to go for 3 points late in the game against Brady’s Buccaneers. Considering Green Bay trailed by 7 points, it didn’t make much sense to anyone, including Rodgers. Tampa Bay went on to win the game and marched on to win Super Bowl LV.

Brady’s third meme came full circle and even poked fun of himself a bit. He knows the memes come off as trolling and knows Rodgers and DeChambeau will likely roll their eyes at the sight of them. Kudos though to Brady for being dedicated to his meme-making craft.

It seems that Tom Brady is already hyped for 2021’s “The Match.” The two teams will tee off on July 6 at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana. With the trash talk already beginning, it’s sure to be another entertaining day on the golf course.