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Tom Brady Explains Being Challenged ‘Emotionally’ in Football After Gisele Divorce

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As time goes on, Tom Brady is slowly getting more comfortable talking about his divorce. Although there have admittedly been challenges. When the NFL quarterback isn’t on the field leading fourth-quarter, game-winning touchdown drives, he’s got other projects going on.

With so much surrounding Tom Brady this season, from the on-the-field product to the off-the-field personal issues, it’s a wonder he can perform as well as he has. A lot of folks would not be able to handle the stress.

Brady was on his “Let’s Go!” podcast and talked about those distractions and how he deals with them.

“I think there’s so many ways for me that it just keeps great perspective for me in my life,” he said, via NY Post. “Why have I done it for as long as I have? You know, physically, I’ve explained that and I’ve tried to take care of myself. You know, mentally, and as we talked about with Coach [Sean] Payton, there’s such a drive mentally to always come up with the next great play, or the next great concept, or the next great [scheme].

“And then emotionally, that’s where I think as you get older the challenges really come in, you know – because we can get distracted by other parts of life. And not distracted in a bad way but there’s priorities that take over.”

Tom Brady has to juggle a lot. Over the course of a 20+ year career, you have to understand that balancing game. As long as he keeps winning games as he did on Monday Night Football last night, we can expect to see him taking snaps.

Tom Brady Leads Bucs to Last-Second Win Over Saints

Just when you thought the New Orleans Saints had the game won, Tom Brady woke up like a sleeping giant. He was ready to hit the field and pull the win out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Facing a 16-3 deficit, the Bucs looked lost on offense at times. However, when Brady locked it in, he locked in.

The Bucs were able to pick up a quick touchdown to bring the game within six points. After a defensive stop, Brady and the offense took over down 16-10, with just over two minutes to go. It didn’t take long to march down the field and to the red zone.

This game took Tom Brady throwing two touchdowns in the final drive to win. A holding call pulled the first catch back, just for the GOAT to step up again and deliver a great pass on a well-designed play. Tight end Cade Otton was there to catch his sixth pass of the night and the second touchdown for Tampa Bay.

An extra point later, the Bucs and Brady were walking away with the win. It was his 44th game-winning drive in his career, an NFL record since the 1970 merger.