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Tom Brady Facetimes With High School Basketball Team After Wrong Number Mix-up

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

What started as a simple wrong-number mix-up turned into a Facetime chat with Tom Brady for a lucky high school basketball team in Michigan.

Largely considered the greatest football player to ever step on a field, Tom Brady doesn’t often chat with junior varsity basketball players. The unlikely event all started when a Notre Dame Prep freshman basketball player took it upon himself to organize a practice. Vinny Tartaglia, a member of the team, sent out a group text to his teammates in order to inform them of an upcoming practice. But Tartaglia got one of the phone numbers wrong by one digit. Thinking he was texting his teammate, Luca, the number actually belonged to Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Sean Murphy-Bunting. When Bunting asked Tartaglia if he knew who he was, the basketball player assumed it was a teammate joking around. But it was no joke, Tartaglia had actually texted the Super Bowl champion by mistake.

“We were trying to add people, and the last person was Luca, but I was one digit off,” the freshman player recalls. “Everyone was skeptical, it’s definitely not an NFL player, right?”

A good sport about the mishap and teammate of Tom Brady, Murphy-Bunting chatted with the boys for a little bit. He even sent a selfie of his self sitting in front of his locker. The boys were still skeptical though, so the Bucs corner hopped on a Facetime chat with the team. Shocked that they were actually chatting with an NFL player, the boys were about to receive an even bigger surprise.

Bunting Murphy handed the phone off to Leonard Fournette, who took the team on a locker room tour. Richard Sherman, Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski were among Bucs stars to say hi to the basketball players.

Tom Brady Joins in on the Facetime Fun

The young boys were thrilled to be talking to NFL stars but the biggest surprise was coming up. Fournette handed off the phone to the GOAT, who had just left a meeting. The basketball players were in shock as Tom Brady came into view.

Tom Brady Popped in with a simple “What’s up fellas” along with a few words of encouragement.

That was sweet,” Tom Brady later says of the call. “I didn’t know who it was. [Leonard] said, ‘Here’s my boy’ or whatever he said. It was nice. It would have been nice for me when I had been in high school too.”

Now, these young high schoolers have a story to tell and a memory to share for a lifetime.