Tom Brady Gets Lit Up on Twitter After Setting Unfortunate All-Time NFL Record

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, a living legend and future first ballot NFL Hall of Famer, owns plenty of all-time great records after playing 23 seasons in the league.

The 7-time Super Bowl champion holds the records for most all-time career quarterback wins (regular season and playoffs), passing yards, passing touchdowns, and Super Bowl MVP awards.

However, after Thursday night’s matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, he now owns a record that he won’t be bragging about. Last night, he became the most sacked quarterback in NFL history after his 555th takedown.

Justin Houston, a terrific player in his own right, notched the sack and Brady’s place in the record books. Brady surpassed former Pittsburgh Steelers‘ star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Brady was already sacked 10 times in seven games heading into the matchup against Lamar Jackson and Baltimore. The Ravens’ D added two more sacks in the first half.

On the play, Tom Brady tries to launch the ball downfield to Mike Evans, but great coverage allowed Houston to come off the edge and record the sack.

Fans reacted on Twitter to Brady’s record-breaking moment, taking different sides. One fan came to his defense, writing: “If people think this is funny, he has played in countless more games than anyone else.”

Others agreed, claiming Brady’s longevity was the reason he broke the sack record. However, other people online seemed to relish in the unfortunate blemish to an otherwise astounding career.

“Ha Ha, gotta love it!! Tired of hearing about Tom Brady already,” one fan wrote. “Not sure he is the man we thought he once was! Tom you should of stayed retired! #familyfirst.”

Fans React to Tom Brady Breaking All-Time Sack Record

“Not sure if this stat includes post season sacks but Tommy has played 101 more games than Ben,” one sportswriter wrote. Roethlisberger retired in January 2022 after 18 seasons.

Brady is known as a mostly stationary quarterback, and in his twenty-third year in the NFL, he’s more immobile than ever. However, his quick decision-making and release haven’t skipped a beat as he continues to defy age.

However, the Buccaneers’ offensive line play hasn’t been great this year. Veteran Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen was placed on IR on September 1st after a gruesome knee injury suffered during training camp.

The most Brady has ever been sacked in his career was 41 times. This happened back in his second season with the New England Patriots way back in 2001. Last season, though, the Buccaneers’ line played very well. He was sacked on 22 times that year.

The Buccaneers now leave Thursday’s game with a 3-5 record after the Baltimore Ravens came to town and defeated them 27-22.

Moreover, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s relationship has experienced a lot of tension lately. Most report that Brady’s decision to reverse his retirement announcement and return to the NFL plays a central role in their disputes. Reportedly, Brady and Bündchen filed for divorce today.

The couple shares two children. They have a son Benjamin Rein, 12, and a 9-year-old daughter Vivian Lake. They also help raise Brady’s son John Edward, 15. John Edward’s mother is Brady’s ex Bridget Moynahan.