Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Filing for Divorce Today: Social Media Sounds Off

by Suzanne Halliburton
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

There’s been so much chatter about a potential divorce from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, one of the world’s super couples. Now, it appears all the speculation is true.

TMZ reported that the couple is filing the divorce paperwork sometime today. The two had been living apart, with Tom Brady up in Tampa, quarterbacking the Buccaneers and Bundchen residing in Miami.

How is social media reacting? Let’s take a look at the news, which broke mid-morning Friday. One NFL fan tweeted: “Ladies – take note. **Gisele freaking Bündchen** couldn’t change Tom Brady. You can’t change your Main St Man. He is who he is.”

There were the expected jokes about the beautiful couple, who have two children together. Plus, Gisele was step mother to Brady’s oldest son, Jack.

“Now that’s unfortunate, mainly because instead of having 7 Super Bowl rings, Brady will now have three plus the fourth every other weekend and summers,” one person wrote in reply to the TMZ tweet.

Another football fan wrote: “Brady gave up being married to a supermodel to come back to the mess that is the Bucs. Geesh.”

Tom Brady Has Dealt with Marriage to Gisele Blowing Up As Bucs Lose

Yes, Tom Brady is having a very bad autumn. There’s his broken marriage, which officially ends sometime today once the paperwork is filed in a Florida court. That’s according to TMZ, which said both sides already have come to divorce terms. And then there’s the play of Brady’s team. The Bucs now sit at 3-5 after losing to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football. Millions of people watching on Amazon Prime watched as the Ravens defense sacked Brady twice in the first half to help him set a record. After last night, Brady became the most-sacked quarterback in NFL history. He’s also played a ton of games, so the record might be more about the longevity of his career.

Then there was the loss, the Bucs’ third straight. He’s never experienced such a losing streak as a starting NFL quarterback with either the New England Patriots or the Bucs, who won the Super Bowl two years ago.

“I don’t think you can erase what happened the last eight weeks,” Brady told reporters.

“We’ve gotta dig deep, see what we’re all about, come to work, try to improve and give ourselves a better chance to win.”

And then there’s the very public breakup between Tom Brady and Gisele, his super model wife. One fan observed “Tom Brady might be a great football player, but he is making some real bad life choices this year.”

Another sports fan put a different spin on the situation: “yes, this is all likely impacting his season And it’s a rough end to an incredible career However, Tom Brady is going to be just fine. Even at his “worst” he is in much better condition than the majority of people are at their best.