Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Divorce Arrangement for Kids Has Social Media Sounding Off

by Dustin Schutte
tom-brady-gisele- bündchens-divorce-arrangement-kids-has-social-media-sounding-off
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The latest development in the Tom Brady-Gisele Bündchen drama has caused a stir on social media. This time, it’s the couple’s arrangement regarding their two children that has been a talking point among NFL fans.

A report from PEOPLE earlier this week indicated that Brady and Bündchen will work together in an effort to eliminate any restrictions regarding visitation. Both kids will have access to both parents at all times, although there is a schedule in place.

“They can see whichever parent they want. They’ve got a schedule, but neither of them would prevent their kids from seeing the other parent,” the source told PEOPLE. “That’s not who either of them are.”

“The kids adore them both, and they’ll have full access to both, whenever they want,” the source continues. “They’re not vindictive like that.”

A few individuals on social media commented on the situation regarding Brady and Bündchen.

“No one wants their kids to have divorced parents, but it’s a sad reality for many,” one Twitter user said. “Let’s bring awareness to this issue and help those fathers who are dealing with it.”

Another person on social media pointed out Brady’s Twitter profile.

Brady and Bündchen ended their marriage recently after 13 years. They were wed in 2009.

Skip Bayless Makes Bizarre Comments on Tom Brady’s Divorce

Tom Brady’s very public divorce from Gisele Bündchen has garnered attention from the masses. Most have offered sympathy at the unfortunate situation, including popular sports personality Skip Bayless.

But Bayless might’ve offered his sympathy to Brady in the weirdest way imaginable. In a recent episode of The Skip Bayless Show, the hot take king talked about the balance between family and career. It took a pretty interesting turn.

“If at any point, Ernestine had said, ‘I’m sorry. I need you to stop and spend more time with me and live a normal life,’ If she had said that to me – trust me – I would have said, ‘I’m sorry. I just have to go on without you,’” Bayless said.

That, of course, is a reference to Brady retiring from the NFL after the 2021 season, only to announce a return just over a month later.

It’s perfectly fine if that’s how Bayless feels — to each their own. But it’s also kind of a bizarre thing to say out loud.