Tom Brady Gives Patrick Mahomes Career Advice After Chiefs Take Down Bucs

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes met at midfield late Sunday for a hug and a handshake. The young Kansas City Chiefs picked up his third career victory over perhaps the best quarterback ever. And Brady wanted to give Mahomes some props.

“You did great. Keep it up.” Brady told Mahomes. And the 27-year-old Mahomes gave the 45-year-old legend a firm “yes sir.”

Maybe it was the official passing of the NFL QB torch from Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs won the game, 41-31. Mahomes threw three touchdown passes, including one that the NFL shared on social media. “One more angle of that ridiculousness,” said the tweet.

It should be noted that this is standard Mahomes. He spun away from Tampa linebacker Devin White, set his feet, then heaved the ball to Clyde Edwards-Helaire for the touchdown.

Trust Us, Tom Brady Can’t Do That Spin to Avoid a Linebacker

So color Tom Brady impressed. Mahomes surpassed 20,000 career yards in the win over the Bucs. He’s the quickest QB in NFL history to surpass that elite benchmark.

Of course, reporters asked Brady about Mahomes in the post-game press conference. You can’t ignore the Chief in the room, even if you’re in the Bucs locker area.

“He’s got a great career ahead of him,” Brady said. “I like Patrick a lot. I had a chance to be around him a little bit.”

Brady continued, offering any help he could give: “Obviously I think he’s a great player — he’s doing a great job with that team. So I’m always here to help anybody that I can, anyone who’s looking for advice. And I’ve certainly seen a lot in the game. And I’m always happy to pass on the information to others to hopefully see those guys maximize their potential like I’ve been very fortunate to maximize mine.”

Tampa Ditched Its Run Game and Brady Threw Most Every Play

It should be noted that Tom Brady, statistically, enjoyed the better game. However, Kansas City jumped to a 28-10 lead before halftime. That meant Brady needed to pass more to get his Bucs back into the game. Brady completed 39 of his 52 passes for 385 yards. Like Patrick Mahomes, Brady threw three touchdown passes. Tampa ditched its power running game, rushing only six times for an anemic three yards.

Brady has offered advice to Mahomes before. It’s not about specific plays. Rather, it’s about the big picture of football and how it pertains to Mahomes. Brady, then, was the quarterback for New England. His Patriots had just beaten the Chiefs in the AFC title game. He sought out Mahomes.

“Obviously, I’m upset, sad, and I’m sitting in the locker room forever,” Mahomes recalled in an interview with NBC. “I start to walk out and he’s there waiting. He could be celebrating. He’s going to the Super Bowl and everything like that. All he said to me, and it wasn’t a big thing, he said, ‘Hey, just keep doing it how you’re doing it. You’re doing it the right way.’

“When the GOAT’s saying that you’re doing it the right way, it kind of shows you that you are doing it the right way. So that was big for me.”