Tom Brady Hilariously Responds to Charles Barkley’s Bad Shot During ‘The Match:’ ‘That’s Turrible’

by Evan Reier

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is tuned into the latest edition of ‘The Match.’ It makes sense, considering that the legendary QB is a former competitor in the celebrity golf challenge.

In the November edition of the clash, legendary golfer Phil Mickelson and former NBA star and personality Charles Barkley team-up. Further, the pair took on two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning and three-time NBA champ Steph Curry.

Barkley’s golf game and swing has been known for its, uh, issues. He even appeared on Golf Channel program The Haney Project. The idea of the show being that Tiger Woods’ former coach Chris Haney would have a challenge fixing the NBA legend’s swing.

While things have improved over the years for Barkley, the former New York Knick is also still a work in progress. Just see the video below.

Brady replies to the video, saying, “That’s turrible Chuck…”

For those unfamiliar, this in reference to Barkley’s famous accent and knack for saying things are “terrible.” That being said, Brady doesn’t necessarily have room to talk.

Tom Brady in ‘The Match’

Back in May, Brady tried his hand as Mickelson’s partner. The pair took on all-time golf great Tiger Woods and Manning. While the pair lost, Brady did have an impressive hole-out on live television. Even better, it was right after Barkley sent some shots Brady’s way.

While Brady has had arguably the best shot of any of ‘The Matches,’ he also had some significant lows. The former New England Patriot didn’t play his best, but he also had a wardrobe malfunction.

You win some, you lose some.

On that particular day, the match ended in a loss for Brady. The duo of the quarterback and Mickelson could not best Woods and Manning, losing by one stroke.

And while Barkley may not have played a perfect round, the NBA legend can at least say he won his match.