Tom Brady Hit With Huge Fine for Kicking Falcons’ Player on Unnecessary Roughness Play

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It seems that Tom Brady is in a little bit of trouble with the NFL. He has been fined thousands of dollars after kicking Falcons player Grady Jarrett. This play was the very same play that Jarrett earned an unnecessary roughness penalty after sacking Brady on Sunday.

Fans were quick to record the video of the play and post it online. After looking at the footage, the NFL agrees. So, Tom Brady is going to pay up $11,139 for the kick. Adam Schefter broke the news on Twitter.

That game had more than just one controversial call. However, the Buccaneers walked away with the win at home, 21-15. Fans didn’t know what to think of the unnecessary roughness call. When the replay was shown and you could clearly see Brady extend his leg in a kick, there was a question of who deserved a penalty in the first place.

Here is the video of that sack.

Of course, $11k isn’t anything to scoff at … for most people. However, the 23-year NFL veteran and presumed GOAT won’t miss this money at all. Between what he makes in the league, his brand deals, other business ventures, and that absolutely massive TV deal he has lined up – this is virtually pocket change.

While it is nice to see the league at least acknowledge that Tom Brady did something wrong, this wasn’t the only play fans called out.

Did Tom Brady Get Away With Another Kick?

The one thing you can’t hide from is the internet. Someone, somewhere is recording at all times. And in the age of streaming, DVR, and more – you can just rewind and capture things instantaneously. Falcons fans were quick to go back to another sack during the game. Tom Brady appears to kick and then put his hands up in defense.

What do you think, sports fans? Did the NFL miss this play as well, or did they also consider this incident in their assessment and just let it slide? Maybe the fine would only be $5,750 if it had been just the one kick. Hard to say.

This Falcons fan on Twitter seems to think so.

The Bucs and Tom Brady are set to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. Let’s see if Brady can keep his hands and feet to himself.