Tom Brady Joins ‘Dan Patrick Show,’ Says He Has to ‘Appreciate the Time I Have Left’ as an NFL Quarterback

by Patrick Norton

Tom Brady is the ultimate American success story; sixth-round pick out of Michigan, stuck behind a tenured quarterback until his first break via injury, and now seven Super Bowl rings in 22 years. Arguably the greatest player in NFL history, his Canton-bound resumé includes the most quarterback playoff wins, touchdowns and passing yards.

When the soon-to-be 45 year-old quarterback took to Instagram on February 1 to announce his retirement from the league, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and football fans alike penciled in the Hall of Fame ceremony of 2027 as the official day Brady would receive his enshrinement.

Brady put a stop to the clock – recanting his retirement on March 13th, returning to the Buccaneers – continuing one of sport’s most legendary tales. But where does the story on the gridiron end? After listening to TB12’s interview from Wednesday on the Dan Patrick Show, it seems the official finale is in the near future.

While Brady didn’t specify a date circled on the calendar, the quarterback did say bluntly, “I mean, there’s no doubt about it. I gotta just really appreciate the time I have left, because it’s not a lot.”

The 15-time Pro Bowler notoriously selects his words carefully in interviews, never revealing more information than necessary, which makes his quote all the more meaningful.

Regardless of intent, with one retirement notch on his belt already, the unfortunate reality is that Tom Brady’s playing days have a limit that’s rapidly approaching.

Brady’s Next Chapter On Hold, But Not Out of Mind

Once the competitive nature of Tom Brady’s game runs its course on the field, he won’t stay away from football very long. Upon retirement, Brady joins the FOX NFL broadcast booth, likely as the network’s leading football color commentator.

FOX lost mainstays Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth after the two signed mammoth contracts with the worldwide leader in sports in the offseason. FOX’s response was inking Tom Brady to a record-setting deal – one that will eventually earn him more money in the booth than he did from contracts on the field.

Brady likely lines up with Buck’s replacement on the top line, Kevin Burkhardt. The play-by-play man currently shares a booth with former NFL tight end Greg Olsen, but Brady’s FOX contract likely lands him the premiere gig out of the gate.

While his days on the field might seem numbered, Brady’s destined for stardom in the booth. And if his competitive style on the field is any indication of his eventual success off of it, he’ll be just fine.